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anxiety symptoms

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anyone else’s stomach get upset right before you have strong onset anxiety attack..? I experienced this today out of nowhere and then oh boy here comes the adrenaline rush and tingling sensation in my hands! I’m grateful that I didn’t let it completely get out of hand and I have a full blown attack because it’s been awhile since I’ve had one on that scale! I also want to start back working out like I did before about 1 1/2 ago I was working out no problem with my anxiety except every now and then… but now it can’t hardly workout for me than 10 more without my anxiety coming to attack me and I stop… just recommendations or are there any supplements you guys use that calms you naturally I’m all ears!

thanks in advance!!!!

btw I’m 27 year old male and I’ve been dealing with health anxiety since having my first panic attack at 16. Since then I’ve had an on going fight I’ll get good and workout like a machine which is how I manage for the most part but now I feel like i can’t get a grip and do more exposure therapy like before

7 Replies
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I also had a full cardio work up from my doctor and give me peace of mind a few years ago….

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any help???

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Hi Kingchris...I have found for myself that daily Meditation and Breathing can and

does lower the dreaded adrenaline surge within moments (with practice) The fact

that you experience tingling in your hands tells me that you are most likely

over breathing and go into a state of "fear begets fear". The reason exercise can

reduce that feeling is because with exercise you are breathing deeply in and exhaling

slowly out.

Unfortunately, that first panic attack at 16 caused you to stay stuck in that anticipatory

anxiety regarding if and when the next one will hit. Once you get control and accept

Anxiety is not dangerous, your stress levels will come down and you will get your

life back (that you so deserve) My best to you :) xx

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thank you so very much this has already given made some peace! Agora1

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I too have been hardcore struggling with anxiety lately. Our stories are very similar. First panic attack at 16 and have been in control for most part until this past month I’ve been waking up panic central. I’m 27yo now. Working out def helped me in the past and I would workout everyday. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon and my anxiety is def being effected. I have no motivation to get up and workout but I know it will help. What’s giving me some hope in this period is knowing that it does get better. I got through the panics years ago and I can do it now. We need to be kind to ourselves. Just keep moving forward

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Kingchris in reply to Toula223

thanks it’s comforting knowing that I’m not alone with this! Did you ever feel like the skipped heartbeats or fluttering ever?

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Toula223 in reply to Kingchris

omg yes. My heart feels like it’s beating so fast it’s gonna come out my mouth. I get that and my head feels like it’s burning

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