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Just wondering if anyone has heard from Bekind…….she and I kept in touch via private message, but I have not had a reply from her since beginning of April & just hoping she was ok 🙂

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is that her full username only 2 others with similar name but hopefully she`s ok.

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Hi Arlene99, I haven't heard from her for a year or two.

I've wondered as well since we use to communicate through PMs

on occasion. If you find out any updates, please let us know. She is

a long time virtual friend in this community. :) xx

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Arlene99 in reply to Agora1

Hi Agora1

I did get a reply from Bekind yesterday, just to say she is not doing so well & therefore not been on the site much. I was so pleased to hear from her & told her we were all here to support her 😘

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I also have not heard from her for a number of months. We also used to PM. I also hope she is OK and miss her. If she reads this, sending love!! B

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Arlene99 in reply to b1b1b1

Hi….she did send me a wee pm the other day x

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b1b1b1 in reply to Arlene99

I will try sending her a short PM. I don't want to bother her if she is not feeling too well, but I do miss her and have been worried about her. Glad you heard from her. x

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Hope she is doing okay

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