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Does Meditation Help?

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Has anyone found meditation to be helpful? If so, what is your meditative technique?

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Hope you’re well.

I have weird experiences with meditation. Some days it’s worked great and others it really hasn’t but that’s days where my anxiety has been high, I’m still fairly new to mediation so I would just recommend being persistent with it like I am and we might feel the overall benefits ☺️

Hey! Thank you for your response 🙂.

I’m going to do some research and try it out today. I’m hoping eventually it will help me gain control of my anxiety/panic episodes.

What has helped me is mindfulness not meditation and not any specific technique. I practice simple mindfulness by just being aware of my thoughts and letting them flow in and out like clouds and just noticing them and not identifying with them. I do this for 10 - 15 minutes in the morning when I wake up and throughout the day by just pausing and being conscious of it. It helps with calming and being present in my life and realizing that I am not my thoughts.

I love that! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! The technique you described sounds like a great way for me to begin the process of becoming self-aware. I wish to learn how to acknowledge my thoughts without reacting to them. I want to focus on the present, let go of the past and stop worrying about the future.

Any more tips? 🙂

You're welcome, glad to help. It has really helped my anxiety, learning to never believe my anxious thoughts no matter how scary or crazy they may be is key to recovery. The same thing applies to the feelings of anxiety/panic, the key with them is to surrender to them and let them pass through you don't fight them or try to out-think it. Panic/anxiety is a paradox, the more you resist it the more it persists so the key is surrender and let it pass. I found the DARE Anxiety book and youtube videos very helpful and ACT Therapy also very helpful.

I’m going to seriously look into this. I think using this mindfulness approach is brilliant and can help me in so many areas of my life.

Thank you again!! 🌻

You're very welcome, it has really helped me and I hope it does you too. Since I am visually oriented, one of the other ways I think of mindfulness and letting the thoughts flow in and out is as a TV screen with the sound off and all of the images just coming and going, there is no sound so i'm not paying any attention to them.

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