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I fell of the ladder of my top bunk

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So I’ve got a loft bed I was climbing down next thing I know I’m on my right side on the floor

I landed on my hip I don’t think I hit my head I would’ve felt it but it does hurt..

I just took 2 Tylenol cause my hip hurts. Should I go to the hospital ? Walking feels weird

Mom doesn’t want to drive me

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if you are hurting, please find people who can help

Danielle dear, how are you feeling today?How is the pain level? Is there bruising?

Pain in walking?? This really needs to be addressed

by your doctor if you are in distress. Taking Tylenol

may just be disguising the pain.

Give your doctor a call tomorrow if you are not better please

Sorry that happened to you :) xx

Are you ok? How is the pain today?


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