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Zip Code Freak Out

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I just lost my mind and had a major freak out for over an hour that started because I couldn't remember my zip code. I knew the 1st 2 #'s and that there was a 5 in there somewhere. I have lived here since 2014. What is going on?!

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That can happen, especially if you are tense or anxious. I sometimes forget part of my social security number (I am in the US.). I would try to relax and not worry too much about it. x

Brain fog is so common with anxiety! I had the exact same thing happen. The cashier asked me my zip code and for the life of me I couldn’t remember. Plus if you’re a woman and in your 40’s, brain fog is a daily thing.

I was once so embarrassed when I couldn't remember my phone number. Another time I couldn't remember my son's date of birth to fill out a form. It is awful. I say something jovial and try not to berate myself.

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