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Gallbladder Removal Anxiety

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After a few years of off and on stomach pain I finally had an ultrasound that reveals gallstones. I have a consultation with a surgeon and I am freaking out. I know that this surgery is pretty common but I am someone with high anxiety and occasional panic attacks, I've never had surgery and this is a huge step for me. The thought of being in the room just waiting to go back into surgery scares me the most. I feel like I will lose my breath and freak out. I'm looking for anyone who has been thru this surgery and felt similiar feelings to share their experience. I need some positivity and to know that I can do this because I'm fighting the urge to cancel the consult and just deal with the pain.

Thank you in advance.

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Maybe try thinking about the positive that after you heal you won’t be in pain anymore. You can and will get through this. When I had my wisdom teeth removed I was deathly afraid of being put under I had the doctor tell me everything to expect the day of removal they even gave me a pill to take before hand to help calm me down. And I know when I put something off or cancel something I end up regretting it in the end because I know I’m still going to be in pain or I could’ve had it done and over with already

I also battled with the panic monster many times and gall bladder removal was my first and last surgery 2.6 years ago. I was scared yet totally determined. I needed to do it and could not back down. My doctor said it had to be removed. When the rubber hit the road, I actually surprised myself at how brave I suddenly felt and mushed up. The operating room sounded like a nightclub when I entered. Music, laughing, loud talking, bright lights. Someone yelled at me, "How are you?" I hollered back, "I'll make it. How are you? " Nothing like I've seen on TV, all serious and quiet. A nurse looked down at me and said, "You're cute!" Well, I didn't feel cute and I could think of better ways to meet somebody lol. Then, they put the little mask on me for 20 minutes and then I woke up. Easy. Don't sweat it. I worried for nothing. If I and a gazillion others could do it, so can you.

I had this operation a few years ago and I suffer from severe anxiety and depression the doctor gave me some Valium before they took me down so i was quite sleepy and didn’t really have time to get anxious, maybe tell the doctor how you feel and ask him to give you some Valium before they take you down, good luck

Hi Cat....I had this surgery last year. Initialy I felt exactly the same way as you and actually cancelled the surgery. When the pain came back in a big way I rescheduled. I had a few days of downtime after.. relaxing on sofa, but, after that I was back to everything I had done before. Now I am free to travel and not worry about pain or attacks. Have a friend who I travel with and is a nurse who said that we would not travel again til I had it done! Let us know how it goes. We are here to support you.

I had this operation a few years ago. I went for my pre-surgery appointment and the nurse commentated on how nervous I was. She said go to doctor and get some meds to calm my nerves. I did and got Diazapan they got me through the op. It was keyhole and that makes recovery quicker. I was only in hospital for one night I think. If you need help to get through this I think should should ask the Doctor. The pain of gallstones is so bad, so if they say you need it removed it maybe for the best. Good Luck.

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