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Freaking out ovarian cyst

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Hi guys! I had an ultrasound 2 weeks ago and was told I have a cyst on my left ovary. I finally got results from my Dr yesterday and he assured me I wasn’t to worry as did the lady who done the ultrasound. He explained its small in size and there are no hard forms suggesting anything sinister and no blood. I literally just got a phone call from my Drs now but it was reception saying I’ve to go in for urgent bloods as they have been directed from who ever done my ultrasound. I am freaking out now and crying, I was under the impression everything was ok. I explained to the reception I have severe health anxiety and I would like to speak to a dr to find out why and she wouldn’t let me. I asked her if it was anything serious and she said “ I’m only reception”. I have to go in Tuesday to get my bloods done but then can’t speak to a dr regarding the results until the 7th of June? I’m so confused and upset. Filled with fear. Does anyone know why all of a sudden I’ve to get these bloods?

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Update* I called back and the lady told me it’s a Ca125 blood test basically to test for cancer proteins. I’m so confused as everyone has told me it’s okay but now I’ve to get these blood tests which I only found out about today. Making myself sick with worry. :(

Its a test for Ovarian cancer. I had cyst on ovary and this was done as a precaution. Try not to worry they said the size was ok so its probably routine.

I know exactly what you are going through Ben through same try not worry as cysts are common

Did You have any pain discomfort in your tummy due to the cyst???? Xxxx

None went to doc with stress incontinence had scan and ut showed up. Don't worry they very common. U getting pain thencxx

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