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Is this part of The symptoms of anxiety

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I have really bad anxiety and the last few days I’ve been feeling very shaky inside and my fingertips tingly I feel very anxious is the shaking and tingling feeling in my fingers is it part of anxiety

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In my experience, yes it is part of anxiety. The shaky feeling, tingling etc. has happened to me as well. I found the more I thought about it the worse it got. For me, the best therapy was sleep.

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Thank you Gracie thank you knowing that someone else has it helps me to feel better at least I know it’s from the anxiety I wish I could sleep but that’s my problem I have a problem sleeping thank you again for replying

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Me too, Sophia! The sleep issue I mean. I go for 48+ with no sleep whatsoever. This then causes me to sleep for 48+. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's true.

Hi Sophia- I’d say yes - for me it’s occasional in my fingers but constant in my feet and legs - I’d also suggest considering blood tests- mine came back with under active thyroid and a few deficiencies - I don’t eat well- all of these results can also cause the tingling sensations and are an easy fix with medication and supplements x

Hi SOPHIA24I sometimes have the same thing, a shaking and tingling in my body, especially my feet. I feel for me that its like anxiety manifesting itself and I would go for a walk or run to burn off the "anxiety energy". Hope that helps.

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