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Hi guys

Please please please respond I’m in panic mode!

I have severe health anxiety and gerd (acid reflux) had both since 2013 however I get pain in my left arm. I spoke to the GP they said it’s nothing to do with the heart as that’s been ruled out.

Does anyone else get this symptom? It’s a sharp pain sometimes for a few seconds and sometimes a dull pain. I’m so scared I feel like the cardiologist have missed something!

It’s horrible!!!

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As long as you have been checked by cardiologist it's probably anxiety. Anxiety causes aches, pains, spasms anywhere on the body. I get it in the arm, leg, stomach. It can really throw us for a loop. Try and distract yourself and see if it goes away. Also you may want to try a massager or tens unit to relax those over active nerves. It's not perfect but helps.

Also usually a heart attack effects the right arm. But don't read that you will get a pain in that arm as well. :)

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Yes I’ve been checked by them last month and had two different tests done. Thank you for getting back to me x

Hi Rinaaa. I have anxiety and Gerd also. 😭. I can relate. I do anxiety techniques and was told to take other Gerd meds. Feel free to message me. My thoughts and prayers 🙏are with you. ❤❤ 🫂(((Rinaaa)))🫂❤❤. Leon

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Thank you, I’ve sent you a private message x

I get this all the time. Including numb left arm. In fact I have had it really bad last year. I have had every test and seen my cardiologist. I was rushed of to hospital as I had a gummy turn a few weeks ago. Again sharp pains, coming and going. Dull pain/ache breathless panic attacks, sweeting the lot sworn it was a heart attack after waiting 6-7 hours to find out it wasn’t heart attack.

I get this nearly every day now and it’s horrible. Muscle something can’t remember the name the gp said at hospital but it down to you muscle spasm/ tense causing pain. But mine is always on the left. Side of chest and left arm.

I suffer with manic anxiety, socially, health, phobia, always feel sick, I have manic panic attacks on a daily basis and can’t do shops, customers, people the thought of even knowing I have to go or be somewhere I freak out. It’s actually taken over my life as I don’t do things or go anywhere I want to I also get terrible acid reflux and that In itself will give you chest pain. Omeprazol is what you want. I am on so much medication for my anxiety, depression, insomnia, irregular heartbeat/eptopic beat that them in them selves cause acid reflux.

Being a anxiety sufferer and have been checked out with the cardiologist then it’s something you have to accept and live with I’m afraid, ask you gp for omeprazol to help reduce ot. Hope that helps

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I’m on lanzaporole but it doesn’t work too well tbh.. but thank you for getting back to me x

I have the very same thing and it is called Roemheld syndrome, or Gastric Cardio syndrome. There is a posting from Dr. Gupta from York Cardiology on Youtube and it is exacerbate by stress. There are two things I do which help me a lot, 1. I learn to relieve stress by reciting a list of CBT techniques and using a reminder sheet which I made up. PM me for a copy. 2. I do an exercise to strengthen my esophageal sphincter which I also found on Youtube. I had a couple of consultations with Dr.Gupta and he is extremly good, each time I prepared a list of questions and he answered them all. I still have the odd twinge which tend to follow a period of stress, but know how to fix them.

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-Rinaaa in reply to DaveSpice

Thanks so much for this. I will search him up and hopefully find answers to some of my questions x

Hi I get these symptoms yes all the time randomly. Chest pain arm pain severe head pain that comes and goes... always sick... and they say uts health anxiety x

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-Rinaaa in reply to Sapgirl

Thank you for replying! Does your pinky finger and ring finger feel dead sometimes? X

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On the left hand..

Yeah all the time I have the most weirdest of random symptoms that the docs generally think iv gone crazy now but they are very much there and annoys me x

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-Rinaaa in reply to Sapgirl

Really? As I get pain in my left arm and my pinky and ring finger feels abit dead sometimes and I read up about carpal tunnel x

You have anxiety . Anxiety tends to make body produce adrenaline . Adrenaline is higly inflamatory for muscles. Inflamation in muscle feel lik a sharp pain or dull pain .

Anxiety produce stress , stress produce high acidity in stomach . so you really have nothing but anxiety related induced symptoms .

Watch this guy on youtube , his name is Shaan Kassam

It`s time to end the 2013 nightmare.

Hi there I have severe health anxiety too had it since 2007 and it’s so scary and consuming isn’t it if the dr has ruled it out then please be rest assured but with having health anxiety you have that dreaded question in your head “what if” and then it just takes over and we start to overthink don’t we I’ve got tingly fingers and tingles in my arm so I’m thinking the worst too…I do know anxiety and panick can cause these symptoms too but if your in doubt by all means go to a+e and get checked for peace of mind xx

Why Do doctors not understand health anxiety!!! I know and underneath you know this is a nerve playing up which. When you are sensitised feels a hundred times worse. When we have anxiety we need an answer or our mind goes into overdrive. This problem will go and you must try to say next time I won’t worry. Trouble is we get every pain in the book!! I know I have been there but when we feel a bit calmer things don’t happen why why why nobody knows. Take special care x

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