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Throat pain

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So for like the past 2 days my throat, head and ear have Been killing me, also had really bad headaches, the headaches have gone now it’s the jaw, teeth, neck and sometimes ear and my throat hurts when I swallow I’ve been readin up snd a throat infection can be so deadly I don’t want to die

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Go to see your doctor. To me, this doesn't sound like a fatal condition.

Ye no it dosent sound fatal, the fact I don’t have the muscle pain no more, or the headache much, just the soar throat and ear but the headache is coming back and I’m sweating a little now

I've read your other post about your heart rate/oxygen levels too. It sounds like muscular strength issue...aka it Sounds like you need to clear your gut of excess gas, you need to stretch, and strengthen your muscles through exercise.

In my experience, I went to the ER and Doctors appointments to try to pin down what devestating disease I had only to be told "You're, healthy leave." ...or this is a panic attack. I spent a week (or 4) in denial. This couldn't be "Panic Attacks, I'm fit and Healthy." Turns out the doctors were right, I didn't have any disease, and they couldn't exactly pinpoint what was happening to me.

Longer story made very short diet and exercise helped me get rid of the crazy heart palpitations and very painful neck/shoulder/back pain/tension I had in 2019. Today, I live panic/anxiety attack and heart palpitation free and exercise to alleviate any muscle pain I might be feeling.

Have you always felt this way? ..or have these issues just started recently.?

The throat pains been in my head, and my ear, and my tooth and my shoulder so I think this is something as I had a slight fever and muscle aches 1 day before but it’s getting better

Hello, I am curious to know what type of diet you use?

My diets poor tbh

That's probably where you should start.

Hey Skipper,

I like to think of it as but I just made that up.

Basically I avoided things that gave me gas or they were hard to digest, like dairy, cauliflower, beans, broccoli, cabbage, fried foods, and red meats.

After I improved my muscular health ..aka stretching and strengthening my muscles.. I was able to return to eating all foods.

Thank you

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? That could cause a headache. Other than that are you concerned about weight?? ... and are you physically active?

I’m in good shape and I have a bad tooth yes

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