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Ok so now the covid scare is over again, I've started to get a shooting pain in my right shoulder blade, doesn't feel muscular! literally last week i was at the DR with chest pain but she looked me over and done some tests which all came back normal, not had any more chest pain since, don't have any now, also had my bloods done last month, normal, and 2 months ago had an ECG which, you guessed it came back normal. I'm worry so much about this stuff due to health anxiety and i think that me thinking about it makes the pain worse if that makes sense? had 2x paracetamol but not taken anything away :/ hopefully this is just anxiety pain

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I feel sorry for you just keep going in circles don’t you. 1. Go get your Covid shot. 2. Order Dr. Clair Weeks book hope and help for your nerves… Now that’s an order.

There are millions and millions of people who have got vaccinated and felt no side effects including me and my family members.

Hi iam sure its nothing i bet its gone by tomorrow. But saying that i know your going to worry about it & its not nice when your mind gets out of control & starts to go through every scenario. Hope you feel better soon.

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thank you so much for replying, i keep trying to tell myself that! its just so irritating constantly feeling like this, i had a review with my DR today and im kicking myself because i didnt have the pain at the time do i didnt say anything!!!!

Try not to beat yourself up. Has it got any better?

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its still the same on and off :(

You said you didn't think it was a muscle pain but you don't know for sure.

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yeah it doesnt seem to be when i move a certain way, its just a shooting pain on and off :(

Just try & relax & rest it if you can.

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Thankyou! It’s a bit better now! Xx

The covid scare is definitely NOT over. Cases are in fact rising.

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I didn’t mean it as a whole…… I meant it for me personally with my situation, obviously.

This is me pretty much. Health anxiety can be real bad. But I'm forcing myself to ignore most things. I think the key is to stay busy with important things that you want to do. Whenever I'm busy, even with a hobby, I have some good days where I don't worry much. It's be hard to do that since Covid started. My doctor told me back in 2005, when this anxiety started, that we get aches and pains all the time. We did even when we were kids and we just didn't think about them. But once you have your first anxiety attack, you start to notice everything going on with your body and freak out on a daily basis. Your chest pains might be caused by gas, happens to me. But no doctor will confirm. I read the same from many people on internet. So far every chest pain I've had in the last 15 years were all caused by simple things and never because of my heart. Sometimes it's just muscle pain! and there's been hundreds of times. Now I just don't mind chest pains, I just know if it's heart related I will know from the intensity. The worst that can happen is death. Everybody dies anyway, staying freaked out about it kills you before you die. If you're physically fit, go in for some kind of toughness training. Like that in the army but less intense.

As someone with health anxiety, we have to realize that our bodies do weird things. We have aches and pains, many times for no reason at all. Shooting pains, throbbing pains, headaches, all kinds of things. Most of the time it is not serious. If something is a true emergency, we will pretty much know, or if certain pains become chronic, it's time to see a doctor. The fact that you have had tests done and they came back clear is a good sign. Try not to stress over every little ache or pain (I know, easier said than done).


Sorry to hear u feel this way.

Having health anxiety can be a pain in the backside.

Can you pls trust you Doc and try do stuff u enjoy if you can.

Peace up!

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