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Covid test

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Can anyone help me? I’ve done 2 rapid covid tests last night and 2 this afternoon and all negative but have a tickly cough! Is this likely to be covid????? 😥😥😥😥😥

No other symptoms

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I know people here having chest congestion and chest colds. Maybe an infection?

If you get vaccinated, you will feel much less anxious and you will not have to be doing these rapid tests all the time.

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aimeealxo in reply to b1b1b1

Yes I understand this. But the vaccine also makes me feel extremely anxious so I’m stuck in a rut at the moment

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Annie1936 in reply to aimeealxo

Fear of the vaccine has been really been spread by social media. Listen, I had every vaccination there was including polio and I'm 85 years old. Got both these shots and I have high blood pressure and diabetes and had no problem except a sore arm. I understand anxiety, tho, I had it so many years. Get an anxiety pill from the doctor or you will be worried sick about the Covid. I wish I could hold your hand, sometimes a dear friend with you helps.

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aimeealxo in reply to Annie1936

Thank you so much for replying. Lovely words 🤍🤍 xxxxx

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Sam1109 in reply to aimeealxo

Same as Annie above. Got my second shot of Pfizer today, and have taken all the vaccines you're supposed to take, since childhood. The virus is what you should be scared about, not the vaccine. Getting the vaccine will save you from getting seriously sick if you catch the virus. Unless your immune system is as weak as someone with cancer, you really have nothing to worry about.

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Sam1109 in reply to aimeealxo

Oh BTW, I have a tickly cough too. It's not new, it tells me I might have something going on with my lungs. Which is why I was even more desperate to complete my vaccine. I say go for a covid test. Maybe wait a few days and isolate even if the test is negative, just to make sure the test result wasn't wrong. Then get your 2 shots of vaccine.

Hello, I just had to comment because I know how you’re feeling about the vaccine. I actually cancelled one of my appointments because I was so anxious. Finally got myself to do it, but was shaking and terrified when I got there. I almost had a panic attack after the vaccine. The kind person giving me the vaccine put me in a separate room away from people so I could relax. Anyway, long story short. I know it’s scary, but I guess you just have to ask yourself, whats most important to you? Instead of focusing on the details and getting stuck. Do you want to protect yourself and your family? These are the questions I had to ask myself and my answer was yes, so I forced myself. Good luck! I know how bad health anxiety can be :(

I also wanted to say that while living in a large city, I needed to drive about 50 miles to see my family. I had to make myself get in the car, sweaty palms, looking for hospitals all the way in case I had to stop, but after getting the car on the road, I was much better. Anxiety can keep you from doing things like getting the shot, but getting there is the scariest part. To me actually getting started was what made me anxious.

Hello :-)

It is so hot the air is so dry and this can cause tickly coughs

As you have done a few tests chances are it is the weather but I have read you are to afraid to get the vaccine which would give you that protection against covid or at least if you were unlucky and caught it you would only get it mild

I totally and I mean totally get you fear over the vaccine , I am afraid of medications full stop !

But I weighed this all up and thought so many have had it they are fine what would be worse me facing the fear and getting some protection against covid or risk catching it and maybe been really poorly and even worse

The latter was the worse scenario for me so I braved it and did it I have had both now and if I can do it anyone can the state I get in

Give it some thought which I am sure you have but this fear of catching covid will go on a lot longer than the fear of getting the jab and so for a short time been fearful is better than long term been fearful or that is how if seems when I think about it :-) x

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aimeealxo in reply to BeKind28

Thank you so much for replying! My mum did say it could be the weather, I’ve spent a lot of time outside too! It only started this afternoon, it’s annoying more than anything 😓😓😓😓 yeah I don’t 2 tests last night and 2 today and all were negative! I know it’s probably my own fault but I’ve read so many horror stories about the vaccine! I mean, I barely like taking paracetamol for a sore head! Xxxx

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BeKind28 in reply to aimeealxo

Listen to your Mum we are always right :-D When we have anxiety we are our own worst enemy we do the one thing that will put the fear in us read the horror stories because that is how anxiety can stay in control

Yet there are so many positive stories but we will pass them and not bother reading them

Maybe read the stories about people that have caught covid and been really ill before the jab came out and think of how many have lost their life to covid way higher than these jabs have affected people and who knows they don't that these few that something did happen to they did not already have something wrong and just did not know it !

You look young and I have read today that without a passport saying you have had the jabs they will not let you in , surely you want to go to a nightclub again eventually :-/

No one can make you have the jab but think it through the Winter is coming the restrictions have been stopped now the fear this is going to cause ongoing yet just for a couple of weeks and that fear of the jab would be over and you could relax :-) x

Tickly throat only, probably not. I have a runny nose but have had the two shots, so I ignore it as allergies. I would think you would have more than that especially if you have 2negative tests. I believe your anxiety is working overtime maybe? When I first started having anxiety I thought every little pain was a heart attack, it was miserable. Try to put it out of your mind and wait to see if you have the major symptoms, extremely sore throat, fever. Get vaccinated asap as the new variant is taking over the unvaccinated, you will worry less.

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Dolphin14 in reply to Annie1936

The new variant is effecting the vaccinated as well.

In the posters case with many negative tests my guess is like yours that it probably is not Covid.

But Covid symptoms include what people are thinking are allergies. If people have been in a close contact, populated situation with out masks they should probably factor that in to the allergy type symptoms and do a test. They are readily available now.


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Annie1936 in reply to Dolphin14


Don’t be bullied into getting a vaccine if you are healthy & have no underlying issues health wise you do not need it! There’s a 97% survival rate! There are lots of hospital admissions at the moment in the U.K. of people that have had both jabs!!

Your cough could be hay fever as that gives a tickly throat. 4 negative tests mean you haven’t got Covid!

Do some research on the vaccine especially if you haven’t had kids yet.

I wish you well xx

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clusterfu__d in reply to Ffaiers

Most current hospitalizations and deaths(97-98%) are not vaccinated, including teens and young, otherwise healthy, adults. The vaccine is working as expected.

97% survival rate sounds good until you actually apply numbers to it. The fact that it spreads so easily means that even at 97%, tons of people are hospitalized and dying from it.

Everyone who can get the vaccine should get it. "you do not need it!" is dangerous BS.

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Dixie9326 in reply to Ffaiers

How many in the hospital that have had the vaccine vs unvaccinated..? You are spreading false information…”MILLIONS” of us have been vaccinated with few negative effects..There are even a few pregnant women that lost their babies when they came down with Covid and sometimes their own lives…..

A healthy young woman needs to be encouraged, for her own good and those around her, to be vaccinated…it’s what smart people do:)

Allergies do cause a tickle throat, not Covid, especially after FOUR tests…!!!!!

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Annie1936 in reply to Ffaiers

Ffaiers, I do believe you are wrong with all my heart! The healthiest man I know, in his 50s got Covid19 in Houston, TX and was on the ventilator and in the hospital for weeks. He was at deaths door several times. He finally came out of his coma, but faced weeks of rehabilitation. He is an athlete, eats healthy. So even though he survived, what are the chances of being on the ventilator and in a coma and living. We are praising God, and I was one of the first ones in line to get my vaccinations. Just losing months of your life is enough to convince you to get the shots.

The vaccine was easy take even for my parents who have heart problems . One had some surgery just right after the second and was feeling fine. Your anxiety might go down too knowing that once everyone is vaccinated we all might just get through this.

Please be advised that we have protection with the vaccines but it's not 100%

My friend was just diagnosed with Covid after two vaccines. The vaccines are to hopefully keep us out of the hospital and have mild cases.

We still need to be vigilant post vaccine


Hi Aimeealxo if you have had the rapid tests done they are not always accurate. For peace of mind have a proper Covid test as a college of mine had symptoms of Covid the rapid test was negative but the other was positive. Don’t be alarmed I’m sure it’s nothing but you will have to isolate until the test comes back but it’s very quick now!! Better to be safe than sorry. I wish you Luck 🥰

guys thankyou for the replies! my cough has gone over night and i have no other symptoms! so i feel a bit better today covid wise! thankyou all for the advise

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Dolphin14 in reply to aimeealxo

Great news


Wow you really are afraid of the vaccine just like me 😩, but just like somebody under your post mentioned they received almost every vaccination there was , my older grandma told me the same thing . Which is why I’m considering plus my kids are back in school and I have no idea who they are around it’s not small learning setting like there were before so honestly I’m considering it . My bf got the shot he only had a mild sore arm for 2 days . Maybe we should get over our fear.

My biggest fear is getting it and getting sick but also them saying something was in the vaccine that wasn’t FDA APPROVED .

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