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Blood results

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I wrote a post the other day about how I was going for blood tests after 9 months as all I can describe as hell

Anyhow they have come back today I have a Vitamin d deficiency and my folic acid levels are low which would explain a lot of my symptoms got medication and hoping I will feel better very soon

Hugs to those in need πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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xsor, I take Vit D supplements myself. I wish you well in feeling better soon.

Sending gentle hugs your way :) xx

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xsor in reply to Agora1

Thankyou my darling at least it’s something and have the folic acid and cut d now so fingers crossed xx

Hi I am glad you are getting treatment at last and that you feel better very soon. I was diagnosed with low folic acid levels and given medication. However I know it can often be cured by eating more greens especially spinach so I have a healthier diet now.

I take enough pills and refuse to add any more to the list. If you shake me I would rattle!

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Roxylox in reply to hypercat54


Good news. Eat healthy and take your vitamins. YOU got this

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xsor in reply to marsbarr



I take both supplements as well, plus iron hope it helps you xx

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xsor in reply to Pat9

Do they help u hunny xxx

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Pat9 in reply to xsor

yes I think so, I hope to get outside a bit more this year to get some sunshine help the vit D levels :0 xx

I had vitamin D deficiency at one point. Took some vitamin D and felt a whole lot better. Good news in hour tests! Nothing sinister.

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xsor in reply to Hallyhooyou

Thankyou hun had a terrible day today just need to keep thinking to myself nothing has come up apart from the deficiencies so need to now deal with my anxiety xx

Vitamin D deficiency is so common here in the US. Mine was in the single digits. Easy fix for sure.

It’s common here hun and I’ve developed agrophobia so something was gonna come up in my bloods xx

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