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Help please


I am having a lot of health anxiety again. The last couple days have been just horrible. I just wanna scream and cry. I keep thinking I have a brain tumor or something. My head just feels weird and my body starts feeling heavy like I'm going to pass out..but I dont pass out of course. I feel like I'm going crazy and losing my mind!!! Anyone go through this to

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I go through this daily. You aren't alone.

It just sucks..and I hate how people around me don't understand and im so tired of hearing its all in my head..which yeah it is but I can't just turn it off so on top of all of the anxiety I feel stuck as well

I understand, I listen to music and try to ignore it but yeah it's hard

Where are you

i was asleep

I m sorry me too i slept just still can jardly see go back to bed

i have to be up now, i got class in half an hour

Ok text later do you jave to go to school

i do virtual classes.

I just took my medd i was hoping for a beyter start to thr day

Fed bella and bacj under the covers panic is back going to breathe and close my eyes we have snow 4 inches

I go through this too infact I am the last few days ive got acid reflux and tummy ache so im thinking pancreatic cancer I get like this alot and this covid isn't helping

I’m sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time. I hope you will feel better soon.

When I am anxious, I listen to worship songs and it helps me to stay calm. I hope it will work for you as well.

Stay safe, God bless.

Anxiety my friend will do all of that stuff to you believe me it.will pass and it's not anything medical it's a head game so settle and grab your life back

Yes you are not alone in this.

This week I feel week have headache and upset stomach .

The anxiety kicks in an I sit here thinking of all the things it may be. Chrohns celiac ibs covid etc. Then I think do I need the hospital the doctor a covid test or what .

When you have health anxiety like us these are our daily battles .

Hope you are feeling better today or when you are reading your replies whenever that is.

Take care stay safe and above all be kind to yourself

Stay hydrated! Also try not to get up so fast. Eat nutritious meals. You are okay. I have had this too

Thank you everyone. Its nice to be able to come to a place like this just for comfort and reassurance that yes its just anxiety...and im glad im not alone in this battle

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I have health anxiety too. And yes, I often go through exactly what you're describing. It is tough to talk to anyone about it who hasn't experienced it. It's illogical for me to think the way I do sometimes. But there are times when I just can't help it. At those times I just try not to spiral or get stuck in an anxiety loop.

Hang in there and when it's bad, try to shift your perspective a little bit. Try to take charge of even just one thought in your head that your logical brain tells you is not true (or at least very unlikely). Try to get rid of that thought and instead think about what you've got going on that's good in your life. There's always something, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. Then I try to just be thankful and happy for those things and have a little faith. It's a process every day that requires effort and energy. Some days more than others. But slowly, bit by bit, progress will be made.

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