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Terror and colf


Please help

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What's colf?

I dont know

Well you put it in the title of your post so I assumed you would know what it is.

Cold i woke up terrified and cold

Ok. Were you cold because you were terrified or terrified because you were cold? Did you have a bad dream? What are you so scared of?

Hello have you drank lavender tea before you sleep ?it helped a lot with my anxiety while I was sleeping I understand how scared you are maybe a night light can help Much kindness and support - Hiba

Lessthanone in reply to Hb2003

No im going nuts right now in a panic attack

Had to take my klonopin and will lay back down our roads are covered in snow and ice

Hb2003 in reply to Lessthanone

I am really sorry about that sending kindness and support to you 🙏❤️

I meant cold

I was cold

Can u please help me