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Panic is out of control


Help me i m in a mess panic is eating me alive

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Sorry you're feeling panicky. Do you practice deep breathing and muscle tension/relaxation?

No but i need to start i use counting and mindfullness but i m not eating right or poooping

So sorry you're not feeling well. I inhale slowly and exhale slowly when I feel anxiousp/a /panicky. This helps me.

Hi Lessthanone, you are in a severe state of overwhelming anxiety which is causing

you to go in and out of panic. This happens because the adrenaline never has a chance

to go away. And so it stays at a low level *like a pilot light, ready to go full blown in a moment's notice. It's called "Free Floating Anxiety".

When our life is more about existing than living, we need help. Usually, it about being

put on medication for a while as well as having talking therapy. The two together will

be able to offer you some comfort.

While on medication/therapy, you will need to find other tools to help you.

I use Meditation and Breathing techniques several times a day each and every day.

That is the only way to keep the Mind/Body at an even keel. Once you get use to doing this practice every day, you will be more ready to take on any challenges (such as finances) that you are dealing with. Life is never going to be perfect, never. And so we must accept what

life throws at us and be better prepared to handle it. I'm glad you are here with us.

We are not doctors and can't offer medical advise but at least we can help support you so

you don't feel so alone as well as know that someone cares about you :) xx

Lessthanone in reply to Agora1

Thank you explains a lot i am on meds and some talk therapy but helps the most here


I won't add any advice as you have had some really good comments but I love the way you say Panic is eating me alive , I would say anxiety is eating me alive but never thought of putting it that way till I saw your post and that is exactly what it feels like

Hope finding others that can relate and knowing you are not alone has helped :-) x

Lessthanone in reply to BeKind28

Yes knowing someone is there helps mr

Just had my blood drawn for thyroid got home some how trying to stay focused on them going away just for a few mins

Need some support can t eat

Agora1 in reply to Lessthanone

Please ask your doctor regarding supplemental drinks :) xx

Thank u

Very bad panic i have to pay off this debt and i had to borrow it from an aunt

I need some support

Panic is out of control

I can t stop panic

I need to sleep

Panic is out of contol just woke up with it again took a pain pill laying back down i can t govon like this and i m so cold..this can t go on my dog needs a better home help me

Agora please help me

Take deep breathes & don't stay in one place for long time. Look for pleasant distractions.😇

Conatant wont stop not even for a few mins at my wits end dont know what to fo

Pray for me no more panic we have no one

Please pray for me i m giving up

Pray for bella and i we are alone

I m bobbie she is bella ann

Praying now myself i can not leave her alone the hospital in mich city makes you wear light weight scrubs locks u up in an awful place i will never go again i m going to lay here and listen to the normal world

Try deep breathing. Move around a little. Talk to a friend, I've bee there -- don't know how but I am still around. Four years ago, I was diagnosed as having Mild Cognitive Impairment and Major Depression. For 2 years, I sat in front of my PC & waited for Dr. Alzheimer to knock on my door. Wanted to die. So I demand another test and it came back negative for MCD -- "ooops. we goofed". The depression is still around but it seems to have morphed into anxiety. Had a Panic Attack couple of weeks ago and rear-ended a guy pretty hard. His car had small damage but my fully restored '67 Mustang is very damaged. So next week, I am going to see if I have Panic Disorder. Have been ready to give up a couple of times but it would absolutely "Kill" my daughter & grandson so I keep on pushing......😜

Panic panic panic

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