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my daughter and covid


Hi Everyone .havent posted for a while ,but i hope this finds you all well and safe. my daughter has caught covid and i am so worried for her ,she dont live with us as she has a family of her own . she is a front line key worker as she is a team leader in a dementia care home ,we beileive she got it from the care home as their has been a few cases in their worried because my daughter is not exactly slim she is carrying alot of weight and she is only 5ft1inches tall .

I understand that you do not have to be stick thin to get this virus ,the virus is attacking everyone young old fat thin and color,but their have been reports on obese people especially women . she is 37 and im so concerned for her .i am talking to her daily ,she has had the virus since last wednesday ,i guess my question is , is she over the worst ? will it get worse ?. i think she has only got it mildly but this has knocked her off of her feet ...

Thanks for reading x

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There’s no way to know for sure if her symptoms have peaked or there could be worsening of symptoms. Covid seems to affect everyone to a different degree, one reason this virus is so scary. I’m so sorry for her and what you and your family are going thru.

My daughter, 31 caught it in July and I truly empathize what you are going through. 🌺💜

I just gave my older brother who is desperate for cat I mean cash two grand yesterday. His problems are now solved...

He hasn’t thanked me..




Hello :-)

Of course you are going to be worried and they have put fear in us with all sorts of reasons why covid may affect some than others and they have mentioned weight but they have also mentioned that if you have no underlying health conditions as well as her age been on her side you have every good chance for a full recovery

It does knock people of their feet but she seems as you say to only have it mildly which so many are

The papers have done nothing but tell us all the worse scenario stories and not telling us all the success stories where it is affecting people like bad flu would which yes you are il but recover

If her symptoms are not getting any worse that is also a positive sign

I think she is going to show this covid where to go but it could take a few weeks

It is hard I would be worried to but stay positive and remember she is stronger despite been a bit overweight than you think :-)

Keep us updated how she is and I hope she gets better soon and you then will feel better to :-)

Take Care x


Hi, I'm really sorry to hear you're daughter has caught covid. I'm a long term covid symptom suffer I caught covid in march and slowly recovering. I would advise her to keep cheak on her temp throughout the day and night . If she's tired sleep, try to stay cool. I found covionia herbal mucus cough med really soothing for that horrid covid cough and chest and soothed my throat. Deep steam inhalation and drinking and inhaling coffee vapours( caffeen acts as a broncho inhaler). I hope she dosnt get too floored with this. You can msg me any time with any questions I'm more than happy to try and help.⭐⭐

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