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Art for Darktodawn


This piece is about never ending spiritual pathways

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Wow Starrlight, your mind is so creative. I enjoy seeing your work :) xx

Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora... I have one for you too ... coming up in a minute

Agora1 in reply to Starrlight

Me??? :) xx

Starrlight in reply to Agora1

Yes it’s for you! I dug it out thinking you’d appreciate it

Really cool an interesting the doorways to explore! Great work, an loved the designs ! Keep your mind anheart opened to all the unseen gifts an pathways we all can share

Yes! Mind and heart open- I love that! I’m struggling at the moment but you’ve inspired me to be strong and grateful. Thank you

Starrlight, this is absolutely fascinating. I see something different every time I gaze at it. I see the people...and the's a magnificent piece of art. You are amazingly creative. Your work talks to me, and others, I'm sure. You have such talent...such a gift. Who are some of your favorite artists?

Thank so much for sharing this new work!!

Starrlight in reply to sophie4

Thank you Sophie! I like Van Gough Edward Munch and Salvador Dali. How about you?