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Blue veins I. Hands again


Everytime after I wash my hands my veins look so blue and it’s many of them and idk what the problem is . Am I not getting enough oxygen or something is it something wrong with my heart like I think it is idk 🥺I’m really upset

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Veins in your hand look blue so it's nothing to worry about. If your lips were blue, your face grey, really breathless, feel ill, and probably sharp pain, then it could be your heart.


Hi I just seen your post. As hypercat54 said nothing to worry about. Just a suggestion try flicking your hands and wrists off like the aromatherapists do to get rid of negative energy after they massage someone. Plz let me know if this works for you. Take care

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Berniebow

Ok thankyou

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