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scaring myself.. is something wrong with my heart??


hi all.. kinda freaked myself out. my heart rate keeps going down into the low 60s even if I'm standing.. not when I'm moving but standing still.. usually it stays in the 70s when I'm standing. I feel ok, just tired. having some palpitations too.. I'm agoraphobic so I really don't wanna go to the hospital unless I have to.. anyone else get heart rates like this?? please someone..

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A heart rate in the 60's is normal, so don't worry. If it is in the low 50's or the high hundreds then there might be a problem. Palpitations are very common with anxiety, but if you haven't had these checked you need to to be on the safe side.

quixotic6 in reply to hypercat54

thanks for replying, I got a 24 hour monitor about 2 years ago for palpitations and everything came back a-ok!

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