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Believe in all of you


Just say here in costa, doing my social distancing / social bit and was thinking about everyone who has their struggles with mental health. The silent assassin. I have faith that we can all overcome, and not only that, we can grow a greater appreciation for life, for others and be better versions of ourselves with time and self compassion. xxxx

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Great post Matt

Matt3013 in reply to Luna_Child

Just I know sometimes we lose track of our journey looking at the end goal a lot. I know in the last few years I have found improvement far from linear, but we all make baby steps every day without appreciating it x

Luna_Child in reply to Matt3013

True. I try some days are much harder than others

Hello :-)

Boris will be proud of you doing your Social distancing bit , don't forget no more than six :-D

On a serious note I think you do so well to keep getting out despite the virus I am way to afraid so good for you carrying on :-)

Lovely post thinking about us all :-)

Thank You :-)

Take Care x

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