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Hyperinflated lungs on xray


So, I went to the dr about a month ago complaining of chest pain and dizziness which btw I still feel, and Dr. decided to send me for an ekg, xray and bloodwork. My ekg was fine, bloodwork showed slight anemia and the xray showed trapped air, or what the say, hyperinflated lungs. The doctor is confused because this usually shows up in people with COPD or asthma and I have none of that.

I usually feel out of breath randomly and attribute it to my anxiety so I’ve always ignored it. I go back to the doctor again tomorrow and to a pulmonologist on Thursday.

Has anybody else had the same problem? Does anybody know any of this? Will my life be cut short because of this? I’m so stressed out now 😕

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I'm sorry for your diagnosis...I don't know anything about this is actually the 1st time I hear of it :( I say try to be easy on yourself and tomorrow when you go to the doctor ask him all the questions you have...I know it's hard not to worry I'm a worry wart myself but I've tried to put off worrying until I really have to. Tomorrow ask all your questions and see what are the treatments and always always try your best to stay positive. I wish you all the luck and soon recovery.

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