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Misunderstood All The Time :(


Hello... hope everyone is as great as possible... I'm trying this out... I've been very reluctant to go speak to a professional... baby steps for me.... I'm not sure why...I think a bit of fear of actually hearing i have issues like everyone in my family calls it...My father is diagnosed bipolar along with other issues so I am scared... I'm looking to find someone I can speak to without being judged and who genuinely understands me not pretends... almost everything everything is a trigger to get my heart beating at a million... it's very frustrating to feel you can't catch a proper breath :(

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Hi Siempre18, Welcome to a safe and nonjudgmental site. Baby steps are okay too, as long as you reach your goal in feeling better. You may be worrying about something that doesn't

even exist. Many times our mind and body react to our situation which is very normal.

As much as a therapist could help lower your stress levels, if you're not ready, you probably

wouldn't get much out of it. Your dad being bipolar doesn't necessarily mean you are as well. We all have issues of some sort throughout our lives. Many that can be controlled

by just changing the way we react to it as well as accept it.

I'm glad you are here with us. Most of us have tried medications, therapy and other tools to

get where we are today. Through this site, you will learn from hearing others share their journey with mental health. :) xx

Siempre18 in reply to Agora1

Good morning and thank you for responding and welcoming here very much appreciated... Thank you for your words.

Everyone in my family is diagnosed with a mental illness and it’s tough being in a household full of people who all feel differently sometimes, we all don’t get along much but anyways I think talking to someone does help a lot. I’ve gone to therapy and it’s helped me. Therapists are there to help you, not to judge you. That is their job! They want what’s best for you but for now if you can’t get to therapy I say just keep posting on here and getting your thoughts out. I’d love to give my support! You’re not alone💕 so many are struggling x

Good morning... thank you also for responding....I'm sorry for your family mental illness... I agree that talking helps! But even when things are explained to a t things are still misunderstood smh :( I'm also here to offer any support I can...

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