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Scared about electric shock


Basically this happened about half an hour ago. My iPhone cable is frayed and I stupidly decided to touch the frayed bit when it was charging. My finger was pulsing a bit but this has now gone to my wrist and I am really worried I am going to die.

I feel fine otherwise please help.

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If you could die from a normal mild electric shock then half the world would be dead. If it was going to kill you it would have the moment you were shocked not later. You have probably irritated the nerves a bit which will stop soon. Relax you are fine.

Okay thanks! I will get the cable replaced ASAP

Yes good idea.

Oh and you can't get lethal shocks from household appliances coz it's recognised that people will do silly things like that. I know I have. It's where health and safety legislation comes in.

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