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A long awaited update - A DIAGNOSIS


Hi everyone,

Around a year ago I posted into this group begging for help, I had horrendous symptoms the two main ones being a heart rate of around 180 and collapsing i was not taken seriously at all and even after frequent collapsing and several ambulance journeys my GP still told me it was ‘all just anxiety’,‘it’s all in my head’ ‘I’m a hypochondriac’ and although I was anxious I knew this wasn’t the cause of my symptoms.

I thought I would let you know what finally happened:

I happy now to say that I was finally able to see a cardiologist and after 2 24hour ecgs, and echocardiogram and a tilt table test he confirmed I was positive for having dysautonomia - postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) I have been put on medication and my symptoms have now improved greatly, it’s not curable and I still have bad days but nothing outweighs how happy I am to finally have had someone listen to me and take my symptoms seriously, I suffered for over a year being told I was a hypochondriac, everything was all in my head, it’s just anxiety when really I have a condition that has been know to have the same disabling effects as having C.O.P.D & heart failure and id love to see a GP tell them that they’re symptoms all all in their head😂 if you think you have something seriously wrong then please don’t let people push you around and ignore you! I did this for over a year when in reality there was something wrong with me. Since being diagnosed my anxiety has pretty much gone as now I have peace of mind as to what is causing my symptoms, I still experience it sometimes but now I know how to managed it

More than anything I want to thank you all for your help and advice

Erin x

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Oh not good but at least you have a diagnosis now which is the main thing. I think you are in the UK like me? I find when I see a Dr about eg chronic back pain, I am told that counselling will help. I said I was more depressed over the pain, not the other way round!

Unfortunately when you have a mental health diagnosis everything is viewed in those terms.

Well done for persevering and knocking some sense into your doctors thick skull.

Hey, yes I’m in the uk! I feel the same once you’ve got the mental health label every symptom you have is labelled as that and it’s so incredibly frustrating! Thank you x

No symptoms should be brushed off as anxiety until proven otherwise. That's my personal opinion.

We do have to push harder when we have anxiety. It always seems to be the fast " go to" answer.

Good for you. Pushing the system gave you a diagnosis, peace of mind and validation.

Stay well

I feel exactly the same, it’s a shame that when people have mental health on their records all their symptoms are brushed off as that - thank you! You stay well also x

Hello Erin,

I’m very happy you finally have a diagnosis,

I too have postural Orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, and it took 10 years of being told I had anxiety, or that it was all in my head, almost to the point where even I was questioning it, especially as there are so many symptoms, hence why it’s a syndrome....

After so long It’s such a relief when you are finally told what you always knew, that it is physical not mental,

Good luck from here on in, I’m not going to say it will be easy, but with the right support I hope you can bring your life back to some sort of normality....

Best wishes....


Thank you for replying! It’s awful isn’t it, I’m glad you eventually got your diagnosis also thank you for being so kind! Best wishes to you too x

Ps, I’m also in the uk,

I suggest looking on YouTube at york cardiology, dr Gupta channel is full of resources and help and he is the kindest most empathetic cardiologist when it comes to pots :)

I will take a look! Thank you

Your more than welcome,

Yes is can be all kinds of awful, but I have found the best way to deal with it is to learn as much as you can about it, (knowledge is power )

if you need any help or advice, or have any questions feel free to message me :)

Gl x

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