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Im so tired. I’m so tired of being glued to the couch because I’m so scared. 😭 my thoughts are scary, the depersonalization and derealization is scary. Everything is scary I just want to feel happy and normal again. 😭

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Hi anon...I'm so sorry that anxiety is robbing you in the joy of your new baby girl.

Are you going to see your therapist soon?

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Agora, what do I do?😭 I feel like a broken human. I’m waiting to get a call from the place my GP referred me to for therapy.

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anon you definitely need that therapy, I hope it comes soon.

Between your anxiety issue and just having a baby, it can get very

overwhelming quickly. Is your mom still with you? You need that

extra pair of hands right now.

I hope baby is doing good. Everything go okay with her first doctor's

visit? :) xx

I feel the same

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