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Another Day


I feel a lot more calm today. My chest is aching in the middle and it’s kind of got me on edge. I’m trying to think rationally. I’ve been so anxious the past week I’m sure it’s likely from holding my body so stiff and tight and not the fears I’ve been worrying and obsessing about. I can breathe fine and my heart rate is good. It just kind of feels like there’s trapped air or like I got hit in the chest.

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Hi anon, it sounds like the muscles in the chest wall are tight.

Give yourself some "me time" and pull the shoulders down away

from your ears and just breathe :) xx

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I’m figuring out I only get the wobbly feelings when I’m triggered. My attack symptoms keep changing. I’ll get over one symptom and realize it’s anxiety and then it’ll throw a curveball at me for a whole new symptom. :(

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anon, there's going to be a lot of curved balls thrown your way as your

body adjusts to the different movements in holding the baby, lifting the baby and etc. The good thing is that as the baby starts gaining weight, your body will get use to that change and adapt to it.

Things that new moms don't even think of will build your stamina over time. :) xx

I get chest tightness all the time from clenching my muscles and it freaks me out thinking omg theres something wrong with my heart but it’s just muscular. Anxiety is physical! You’re not alone. ❤️

I’ve had chest tightness for months now even I take a deep breath feels tight and can’t catch the satisfying breath but doctor has checked my heart and he said it’s fine also breathing feels weird with tight throat I’m guessing anxiety can last Months everyday without going the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep

Yes it happens for me too you’re definitely not alone also you’re adrenals could be fatigued as well and that causes shortness of breath! I’m always here if you need to talk message me!

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Frazzled nerves & a tired brain are behind all those weird anxiety symptoms. A fellow sufferer Paul David wrote a small book , At last a Life . He explains everything about anxiety & this causes all your fears to start to lessen , less fear , less anxiety !!

I was one of those that said it will work for everyone but me . Over 15 years later I still have my Xanax that had turned to powder.


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I hear you bro I’m the same

A few tips my friend gave me for my anxiety:

1) Dissect the panic physically and emotionally (so where do you feel

It and why do you feel it?)

2) Remember your values (you’re loved, you are enough you are capable and you are

Strong etc)

3) Act on those values (do something like a task that will allow you to come back into the present moment and take u away from the future and past you may panic on or draw or just jam along to your fav music)

4) you are not alone. There are so many people going through similar problems. Remember you have a support network here and a therapist (when you get one) you can talk to them this is a safe space.

5) Stay respected. Do not allow others negativity to bring you down. Keep your vibes positive and reflect on how

Your behaviour affects others and how theirs affects you.

Lots of love, hope you manage to get through these tough times x

What is with this chest ache i have it to irs freaking me out i cant deal with this hospital says acid reflux but the meds they gave me only worked for 2 weeks then it came bk doc gave different ones but they haven't worked . Im jyst tired of this now i just want to feel normal again

Me too! Ugh mine happened during my workout accompanied by arm pain and lightheadedness I freaked out it’s more Brest pain though still sucks

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