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Buspirone Dizziness


I am desperate for answers. I started Buspirone 10mg twice a day 2 days ago. Every time I take it it makes me so dizzy and nauseous, and I was already suffering with dizziness. I really want to stop it, but right now I don't have any other options and worry I am not giving it enough time. Does the dizziness go away?

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I apologize, I don’t have any helpful words for you. I took a very high dosage of buspirone for about a year and i didn’t have any side effects and it did not help my anxiety at all. Honestly I thought it was a placebo because it did nothing at all for me. Everyone is different and I hope the side effects subside for you!

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Thank you for replying. Best wishes!

As Holly pointed out, our chemistries are all different so the same drugs may well have different affects. From my humble experience I haven't experienced side affects kick in so soon after starting. If they do and they are intolerable, I would encourage you to contact your prescriber, even before your next appointment. All the best

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