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Things are Worse


Every Country is dealing with the Virus. Now here in the USA don’t know if you’ve seen the News? Our states are dealing with violence because of the Murder of an African American man George Floyd. Outside my apartment hundreds of people are protesting. Afraid violence will follow? Our Governor has issued a Mandatory 6 pm curfew. Trying to check on my kids that are Not home? It’s BAD enough that we have the Virus to deal with that the protesters are probably infecting each other it could Now get Worse? The businesses were already closed, Now no business to even to return Too. WHAT the HELL is this World Coming TOO??? 🌍 God Help Us ALL 🙏🙏🙏

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Hi I watched the video and was horrified at the police brutality and was in tears seeing the poor man begging for his life.

I don't agree with the rioting but understand it can be the only protest available to oppressed people. I do hope you and your family stay safe.

Thank You, it brought back scary memories as a child back in the 1960’s we had what they called the Watts Riots. We had to flee our home with our grandmother and my grandfather had to protect his business with guns. I feel sorry for this man’s family, what makes me Cry is that they said he called out for his Mother, the Only time an adult child calls out for their mom is when their in DISTRESS 😩 I was scared because there were hundreds of people outside my apartment yelling “Black Lives Matter “ and of course they DO, usually when these groups are protesting violence usually follows, thankfully there wasn’t only graffiti. All is Quite 🙏

Yes it's traumatic. I am in the UK and well remember the London riots. x

sadly nothing has changed since Rodney king if a black president cant change the mindset of a nation then an unhinged one wont either.

Yes So True, But when Obama was President, Congress and the Senate were controlled by Republicans. They said they wouldn’t Let Obama get anything Done ✅

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Their not being selective, their destroying Anything and Everything

I’m right there with you. In the US too. Looting has started here. My husband and I own our own business. I’ve been worried sick. They have been targeting businesses surrounding ours. Worried that ours will be next

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I Just went outside to see if my car was damaged, (it wasn’t)there are businesses near it. Hundreds were outside yesterday Protesting, seems like after there has been Violence. This World is Going to Hell😷. I’ll pray for your family 🙏

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I am glad your vehicle was ok! I ended up with a massive headache today due to worrying about all this crap. Thank you for the prayers. I will be praying for you too!

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Thanks, I didn’t sleep at all till 12 noon today, barely having my first meal now 5pm. I feel for you business owners at first having to close because of the Virus, now a lot have Nothing to Open. 😂afraid to leave my home. Concerned for my daughter whose Not home. Here in LA county, we’re under a 5pm Curfew. It’s 5:02. She’s Not home. I have reminded her of this. 🙏🌍

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Ugh! Hopefully she has already walked through the door by the time you see this. I have gotten a message from a family member with a screen shot of a message floating around Facebook that they are planning home invasions of our area tonight. So there goes my hopes for any sleep tonight.

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WOW scary, what city do you live in? My daughter got home shortly after. I just saw on TV that even the mennonites got involved with the protesting. I’m sleeping with my Stun Gun. I’ve been praying that I’ll wake up for things to be Better 🙏

I totally feeling the same here in Phoenix. It makes me mad 😠 since there is a difference between protest and rioting/ looting. What that police officer did to George Floyd was absolutely horrific so wrong. As a American we have the right to protest.This has got out of hand. Praying and hoping for some resolution and peace ✌

I agree, every time I hear that George Floyd called out for his Mom I get choked up cause he knew the End was Near. RIP George 🙏


I've just heard your President, on the news that he's getting all his troops together to " control?" the rioting.... however, I'm appalled at the treatment of " oppressed " human beings....WHY do people treat people like this???

However, it must be so difficult and very frightening for you, And I'm so sorry for what you are going through.......


Please remain civil during this potentially volitile discussion.

I live right on the outskirts of the city. People were rioting and burning buildings. I am afraid to go into the city at all now. And I don't know if the violence will get closer.

It’s scary out there, I believe I heard shooting around my neighborhood last night? I’ve double locked my door. I hope this country gets back to some Normalcy soon? 🙏

I live in LA county, right outside my home there were hundreds of people protesting. I was worried that they were going to destroy the businesses in my neighborhood? 🙏

I watched the video. Watched while an adult man called out to his mother for help that wouldn't come. Horror. Watched as a police officer taunted a dying man to get in the police car "now" -- as he continued kneeling on the man's throat.

And in my city, along with rioting, violence within the black community has erupted. None of this makes sense.

But the rioters are accomplishing one thing. They are exposing each other to the virus in large numbers. Shall we see another uptick in two weeks or so?

That’s the Crazy part, the consequences could be devastating? Also the Other Crazy Thing is that it was said that while George Floyd was on the ground they were telling him to get Up. HELLO they were on top of him while they were telling him that??? Makes NO SENSE??? Let’s Pray for a Positive Ending 🙏


I watched it happen. Don't do it. It is very traumatic.

Yes, while the police officer suffocated him, he listened to him pleading "Momma, help me... I can't breathe" he taunted him, "Then get in the police car!"

Of course, he was being held down at the time by at least one officer that we could see.

I have heard that the officers involved had multiple previous complaints made against them.

I understand the community's rage over this incident. I am shocked and horrified myself. I do not understand attacking those who had no part in it.

We are all under stress enough already, then this comes along...

It's getting so that when a police officer tells the people filming them to "back off and stop filming", I am inclined to side with the people who continue filming, surreptitiously.

I wouldn't have thought it could come to that.

Evil actions on the part of a police officer teaching us not to trust the police.

I’m in Los Angeles. Things are bad here and some of our businesses were just about to re-open. Peaceful protests that got infiltrated by interlopers who then started looting. Now, I’m even more afraid to lose the house. I already had anxiety before all this. I lost my job. My health insurance will end soon. I still have a brain tumor. I’ve been postponing all my medical appts and just hoping the tumor doesn’t grow. I have paralyzing driving anxiety and I don’t know when or if my industry will come back from this so I’m having to think about a potential career change or moving entirely. On top of this, my father passed away earlier this year so I’m stressed with deadlines to wrap up his estate. I agree, it’s all too much all at once for ANYONE to deal with but especially those of us who suffer from anxiety under ‘normal’ circumstances. I keep thinking things can’t possibly get worse but then they do. It’s beyond unbelievable. I’ve been doing a lot of drawing and yoga to calm my mind. I send my love and offer of hope to everyone at this time. No matter who you are, we’re all feeling it now.

Sorry for all that you’re going through. If you’re insurance is going to expire. Why are you postponing your doctors appointments? You should get them done before your insurance expires?

Thank you. Of course, but several of my doctors have canceled appts until further notice, I’m afraid of exposing myself to Covid-19 unnecessarily by going to the hospital for follow-up appts and due to my driving anxiety, stay-at-home measures still in effect and discouragement of using public transportation and ride shares I have no way to get to my primary doctors who are far away (and also in the exact area of the major looting of the past few days.) I have a major appt on July 16 that I’m sticking with for now even though I’m not at all looking forward to it. It’s an hour and a half long MRI. I have to do them every 3-4 mos. It’s insane.

Oh, you said you were postponing your appointments? Do you live in the USA? If you do, you can apply for medi cal?

Yes, I am also postponing appts on my own, but several have been canceled by my doctors. I have a chronic, genetic condition that can cause tumors throughout my body. Yes, I live in the USA (Los Angeles CA) I still have a few months before my health insurance runs out but nervous about it because many of my doctors are specialists that may not accept certain types of insurance. I intend to apply for Medi-Cal through the State Of California if I need to. I can apply for what’s called COBRA to extend my current benefits but it’s super expensive. Thanks for your message. We’re all dealing with something... 🤞❤️💪🧘‍♀️☮️

I live in Whittier/LA county, I understand you being Afraid of going out. Everyone’s different, I’ve been going to mine, I have One tomorrow. Recently had a virus Test/Negative. I take All the precautions. A couple of nights ago there were hundreds of protesters right outside my home Yelling. I was worried that violence would happen? With the nearby businesses? I went out the next morning to check on my car it’s was fine. Are you a senior citizen? If you are? There are transportation services that give rides to doctors appointments. Let me know how your doing? 🙏

Thanks so, so much for your messages! It makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one whose anxiety is at an all-time high. It’s like everywhere we look, we’re getting hit on all sides with still another thing to worry about. Honestly, I’m fine staying at home. It’s going back out into the world again when this is all over that gives me the most anxiety. **No, not a senior citizen, but sometimes wish I was! Still far off from that, but I am aware of the programs you are talking about. I’m thankful they exist, but unfortunately I don’t qualify. ✌️☮️🙏

Your welcome, it feels like we Can’t catch a Break??? Businesses at first couldn’t open because of the Virus, Now there’s No place to Open??? I grew up in So Central LA, I was there during the Watts Riots, my family had to leave for our Safety. My grandfather stayed behind to protect his business. My sleeping n stomach are a mess. Yep, we’re All in the same boat pretty much. I’m a little apprehensive about going out tomorrow. Kinda concerned that my daughter is not home knowing that we have a 6 pm Curfew? She just walked in with my grandson. Don’t know where her brains are? she came from LOS Angeles to pick him up. I’ve already Warned her I won’t be Bailing her Out. We’ll take Care of your self and try to Not watch the News too much??? Cause Really it is what it is, we can Only Pray for the BEST 🙏

Absolutely. I moved to SoCal right after 9/11 so I wasn’t here for the LA riots. I can’t even imagine. But still 9/11 was a very unsettling time to move to a new city. I was fresh out of college at the time. I’m glad your daughter made it home!

Thanks, I visited New York after 9/11. A taxi driver told me he remembered seeing people jumping from the twin towers. How people couldn’t come in or leave cause everything was so chaotic. By the time I visited NY they had built the Memorial. I had to make reservations to visit. I had to show ID to get in. The military was there with rifles loaded and ready. They had the twin towers with a tarp covering the construction. I want to go back to see the museum that was built. Sorry for rambling on You brought up something else I’ll Never Forget. This to will be forever in my memory 🙏😞

I won’t ever forget it either. My first day in L.A. people were selling gas masks on Ventura Blvd. I went to NYC about a year after 9/11. It was still very much Ground Zero. Just a Giant Hole. They hadn’t built the museum yet. Everything was makeshift. No reservations, tickets or ID checked. I just walked around in silence. They were still uncovering and ID’ing remains. Construction workers were everywhere. I went back a few years later and everything had changed. Reservations, tickets, waiting in line— but it was nice to see the evolution... the healing and honoring of the memory. In the current instance, in so many ways, the U.S.A. and the entire world will need a lot of healing...

Yes, the people who witnessed the people jumping from the towers say they will be forever Scared 🙏😞

No doubt 😢

Sorry for what your going through staticcling . Maybe you can apply and get state aid insurance during this difficult time. It’s there for people when they are having hardships if you have cancer wouldn’t want you to go without. These times are very scary but if we put out positivity we can never go wrong. This time is not forever things will return to normal. If everyone killed each other with kindness all would be well. Keep your head up and try a hobby to keep your mind off things.

THANK you. By the way, I love your screen name. Being optimistic never hurts. I do think our thought patterns absolutely make a difference. So, who wouldn’t want to at least ‘try’ to be optimistic??!! Some days I’m great at it, and other days not so much... Everything is temporary. I often tell people I want my legacy to be kindness. That’s what matters most to me, above anything else I might “accomplish” in life 🧘‍♀️🙏✌️😊❤️

This must be awful for all you Americans and I hope you all keep safe and well.

I have had a pm from a member I have never heard of before who chose, instead of responding here, to send me a pm disagreeing with my comments above. This is unacceptable and I did report it.

Pm's are for friends to talk privately and not a substitute for responding to a post put on the public forum.

So there’s No such thing as PM here?

Yes there is of course, but it's not really acceptable for an unknown member to use to disagree with something said on a public post. I would never use it for that. x

Hi hypercat54,

Are you saying that private messages should not be used to communicate with someone you have not established a friendship with, OR just not to privately disagree?

I think possibly I might disagree with this... depending on what is said.

Maybe someone who disagrees with a post might not want to do so publicly and think it is more courteous to do so in private. Of course I am not talking about someone messaging to berate you.


Well the person in question isn't someone I have ever heard of and never pm'd with. To send me a pm objecting to what I have said on a public post is and wanting to argue over it is unacceptable behaviour to me. Maybe it's not to others? In which case we will have to agree to disagree.

Of course I will send a pm to a member I have seen on the site if I think they are nice or is similar to me etc, but I would never dream of adopting an aggressive tone and use pm's to challenge them. That's not trying to make friends is it?

The reply they responded to was my first one on here, and they objected to my use of the words 'oppressed people' and asking me who are oppressed people and the rioting is just 'terrorism'. Now everyone has a right to their own opinion but they need to say what they have to on the public board where I and others can choose to reply or not. Don't know why they picked on me as my reply was quite innocuous! I am not going to spend my time on here arguing with a random stranger. Again you might disagree? Each to their own etc.

these are things beyond your control...just have to wait for your leader to sort out the issue on racism n covid19 then economy will crawl back ..meanwhile get yiur kids home .stay safe for awhile ..pray that some good leadership evolves out of thise adverse situation..

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True but not completely, VOTE 🇺🇸 A politician suggested that seniors should make the ultimate sacrifice (our lives) to Help the economy. Believe Me that Really Pisst off the seniors who vote the most 🇺🇸

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