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Heart racing and can’t breathe


I’ve been having a really hard time breathing for a few days now. My chest hurts and is really tight. I feel like I can’t get enough air. I’m not sure if it’s allergies or something else. But it’s making me very anxious. I had a horrible panic attack a few hours ago and I feel another one coming on now. My heart is racing as usual and I have a feeling of impending doom... I feel like I’m going to die any second. Any tips? Reassurance?

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Whenever i feel like that i get up and drink soda honestly ... itll make my mind forget the panic attack and regulate my breathing for a couple seconds :) even tho every day i have a hard time breathing due to anxiety

Thank you :) I’ve been trying to distract myself but nothing has been working. The chest tightness and heaviness has been constant lately. Right now I’m trying some stretches to loosen it. Not knowing if it’s anxiety or allergies or if something is really seriously wrong is so scary

My doctor did mention to me that Costochondritis was the cause of my chest tightness & pain maybe you have that also?

I’ve heard of that and that’s one of the many things I’ve been thinking this could be. I really hope it’s not serious and can be treated at home with over the counter medication. I don’t want to go to the ER or urgent care during this pandemic, and I need to start looking for another primary care doctor because the one I have now is terrible.

if its been happening for a few days it could be im sorry i hope u get better i know how it feels it suck :(

I’ve been through this several times before too. I hate anxiety ugh it makes every symptom worse and I always think I’m dying.

Tell me about it ive been through every symptom before ive had so many tests and blood work and still think im dying :( i hate anxiety it does make every single symptom worse !!! :( the one that really bothers me and scares me is being nauseous every day all day mostly :((((

Seriously. I’ve been to the emergency room too many times just for doctors to tell me it’s all anxiety and I’ve had many tests and blood work and it always comes back normal but I always think something is seriously wrong. And just because we have anxiety doesn’t mean something could really be wrong. No one takes us seriously since this happens a lot. Nausea really sucks too :( I hope that goes away soon

I cant even tell u how many times ive been to an emergency room i think like 30000 times lol have you ever had an endoscopy done? Im gettin one in 2 weeks im so scared :( not of the exam but of the results :(((

Oh yeah I’ve had it done twice! The first time was like 4 years ago. The doctor said I had mild gastritis and mild acid reflux most likely from stress. It got bad again 2 years ago so I had it done again and the results were 100% normal. I was so confused because I felt horrible. Whatever your results are, it can be treated :)

I keep telllin my self i have stomach or throat cancer :( im so scared thank you for hearing my problems :)

That’s very unlikely. Maybe if you had acid reflux for 20 years and didn’t do anything about it. I’m sure you will be ok :)

Ive had gerd for 10 years and never took anything :( so im so scared thank you

I know the feeling. I’ve thought the same thing. Good luck! It’s good that you are doing something about it now and you will be treated.

I’m having the same symptoms. I go get blood work and get sent to a cardiologist and they find nothing! It’s so frustrating! I’ve racked up ER bills due to all this and still they find nothing. It’s embarrassing I go in feeling like I’m dying and then they tell me they find nothing after a couple of hours. I cannot take anything for anxiety because the anti depressants in the pill caused terrible thoughts. Had to stop immediately. I just try and manage by myself. I’m not sure what to do. But I know never google your symptoms when your in panic mode it makes it 100 times worse because the internet will give you the worst case diagnoses. If you have someone close to you that you can trust while you are going through it call them and see if that helps. Breathing in and out slowly with your eyes closed and drinking ice cold water sometimes helps me. I believe you have a anxiety disorder it controls our mind and body. You won’t die. Good luck.

I wont take anything for anxiety either the one time i did i had some crazy thoughts also and i was seeing things 😳

hello Savannah, yes its a horrible feeling.I have experienced tightness in diaphragm are as well as unusual spasms,now and again ,never had that before.Im doing stretch excercise everyday,dont suppose its enoughlalso concious of my actual breathing /belly .hoping theres some improvement-I think that my whole body is affected according to the weather.

I have been to the ER 10 times and urgent care 10 times during the pandemic because of my anxiety I’m so embarrassed if something is wrong I don’t really wanna go to the emergency room now

This truly sucks

Yes. It really sucks not being able to tell if something is really wrong or if it’s the stupid anxiety :(

Anxiety Can really play tricks on you ....I feel cheat tightness right now too and feel like I can’t breathe. I’ve been really anxious these past days. Just know you’re not alone, we can get through this ❤️

Thank you so much ❤️ I hate that you and others are going through this but it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Thankyou , you made me feel better /: I’m the only one up in my house and I just feel so alone I get it more at night. For now all I can do is try to distract my mind ❤️

Savannah93 I get a lot of scary symptoms also and have called 911 many times and I've been to the hospital couple times. I've gotten better with that through the years and stick to calling a crisis line, do you have that available in your area? When I get tightness it's in my throat and I feel like I'm choking and what's scary is I actually do physically have a tumor there. The doctor monitors it by MRI every year to make sure it's not growing too much or changing. I'm too scared to get it removed so unless it becomes a situation where I have to, I'm just letting it be. the doctor knows I have panic attacks and told me that when I feel that tightness it's most likely going to be my panic because he said the tumor is not just going to grow in an instant. you can imagine what coronavirus has done in giving me another thing to think about when I feel that choking hard to breathe feeling. But anyway first I pray and do deep breathing and if it doesn't work I call a friend and if it's too late I call a crisis line. As a last resort I take my Klonopin although I don't suggest getting addicted to taking benzos. However if it's an urgent situation I think it's okay -I try to limit them to once or twice a week. I hope you do have something like that that you can take when nothing else works. God bless you

Thank you for your reply ❤️ :) I think there is a crisis line in my area but I’ve never used it. I should probably start. I’ve been seeing a therapist weekly. That’s very scary. So sorry you’re going through that!! I actually have been taking Xanax every day for about 3-4 years and I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist and trying to taper off. I was prescribed it in the first place because of throat and chest tightness and panic attacks from feeling like I couldn’t breathe. Since I’ve been taking it for so long and I’m on a low dose, it doesn’t calm me down at all. But I don’t want to take a higher dose, so I just fight through it.

Hello, I hope u are now feeling some relief. Whenever I’m feeling like that, I try and use grounding and breathing techniques. Also, keep telling us elf over and over that it’s just bought a, they cannot hurt u . I try to distract my brain by having a shower or doing something be been meaning to do for ages xx

Thank you so much ❤️

persistent N consistent attacks ...worry about a number of different things. People with GAD may anticipate disaster and may be overly concerned about money, health, family, work, or other issues. Individuals with GAD find it difficult to control their worry.so if u have heart test n general health checks done ..nothing amissed u likely got GAD ..i m speaking from 20years or more experience..simple do not take xanax ..its only useful but addictive ..its a wonderful drug to help GAD ..but u must not get hook with it ..u must change your lifestyle ..eat well sleep well n exercise enough ..this active lifestyle can kick your GAD ..financial or personal issues seek immediate help to clear them so your mind is free ....try it works ..

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Thank you :) I was diagnosed with GAD about 10 years ago. I was prescribed Xanax 3-4 years ago and I was told to take it every day for a month, which was a horrible mistake. It’s only meant for emergencies and the doctor never warned me about withdrawals. I’m currently on a low dose and trying to taper off. Working on it.

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dont worry once you are cleared medically from othe sickness...what you experiencing is normal for GAD patients .i suffer 30 years ago as my work deadlines sort of put me in anxious moments daily ..i didnt not learn the mental side of it by knowing why my body reacted so strange ways ..like u said at times like gonna die soon ..believe me you can over come this. the fact is the GAD is over powering u n controlling your every thoughts and movement .u get fear n body will react ..let me tell you if u r on xanax it is a wonderful helpful drug but do not stop right way ..u can gradually work with your doctor to get the dose down till u only carry them as a safety net in your pocket .do u know how fast the xanax works on you ..? me..about 20mins i will be as good as gold ..so why ? because we come to depend on xanax to provide our brain with the relax endorphin...but once it wears out u need to top up or you get uneasy reaction again ..sotrust me u must be the master . incharge of xanax ..control go exercise..it produce endorphin to replace your xanax ..so overtime u reduce dependency on xanax..i took 20 yrs to get it down to zero ..now i still cary a few o.25 mg in my pocket when i go out for long trip or overseas ..i just dont take it ..but i am assured shld i need its there ..good to go out w friends or people who knows u well .tell them your issue n try not take xanax if the desire to need it when u r with friends.overtime u become the master n xanax becomes only your body gaurd ..so to say ..but u will not beed it at all...you will be safe ...

GAD means General Anxiety Disorder

I’ve had the scary breathing for 9weeks everyday all day

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