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Need reassurance


I am freaking out right now. I was really sick with a bad cold three weeks ago and my cough hasn’t gone away. I don’t have a fever but I have been having a really hard time breathing and a deep dry cough and I’m freaking out because of this whole coronavirus thing. My chest is killing me and it’s so tight and I feel like I cannot get any air. I’ve had this happen many times before and shortness of breath is a common anxiety symptom of mine, but I’m still freaking out hoping I don’t have this virus or pneumonia. I do not want to go to the hospital since it’s crazy there but I’m scared that I’m going to die if I don’t go. But I really do not want to go. I don’t know what to do. Could this just be anxiety??

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I’m sorry you’re feeling this way💞💞💞💐🌻💕🌷🌺😟of coarse I’m not a doctor maybe you could call a dr. Office or maybe a health medical helpline with questions you’re having?? Also ask yourself questions about your symptoms maybe write all them down? Can you make a really nice hot tea to drink with peppermint or herbs that are healthy to the respiratory track? Fresh Garlic is good ginger tea, healthy chicken soup with organic ingredients maybe someone could drop some off if you’re not up to making it?? Also essential oils& aromatherapy to calm you and help your breathing maybe in a plug in diffuser??

Thank you for your reply. I will try tea and a bath and hopefully that will help.

Good idea just take good care and try calm your nerves and help soothe your lungs with healing remedies! Then when you feel a bit calmer more relaxed maybe Can think clearer to see what can help you further.((((((((hugs to you))))))))🌻❣️Do you have vics vapor rub sometimes that really helps to rub on the chest as well put a warm cloth over it while lay in warm bath then the steam can kinda diffuse it up to breath you know??

That’s a good idea. I’ll try that. Hopefully it’ll help. This is a horrible and scary feeling...

Yes it’s rough to feel that! Hope it helps💞my mom has had very bad asthma all my life and I’ve also had bouts with respiratory issues and bad allergies/sinus prob.s so we know and have had to learn a lot to help cope with it!!

I’ve never been diagnosed with asthma but I’ve always had bad allergies. I have an inhaler and I’ve been using it but it seems to be doing more harm than good. It makes me really jittery and more anxious

Oh ok well you’ll hav to tell your dr. About how your feeling with that. Maybe it’s not right for you at this point?? There’s a lot of good info on healthy healing remedies for respiratory issues and allergies to discover maybe look into some articles or books on this or even online videos from awesome drs who’ve specifically researched it. We’ve found it useful avoiding specific foods and modifying our diets free of glutens, grains &most sugars, kinda to more of a paleo or keto type type! Of coarse It’s not one size fits all but look into natural ways to heal your lungs and respiratory health when you’re up to it! But yes for now take good care and don’t stress!!☺️

You could have a chest infection following the cold. Are you coughing up yellow or green gunk? And/or do you feel ill?

It’s mostly a dry cough but I have coughed up a tiny bit of yellow mucus and I do feel ill

Well it's possible you have a chest infection and need antibiotics. I would try and get a telephone appointment with your doctor. x

Yellow is usually a cold not infection. But you can definitely get better with that -chicken soup garlic , vit. c,, teas , fluids , no sugar , rest , rest rest!!

Try rinsing your mouth with warm water either with salt, lemon or vinegar? Help to remove bacteria, etc. Also zip hot water with fresh ginger and garlic or any tea to keep mucus clear.

Only take paracetamol to keep temperature down.

Every 20 minutes drink warm water.

Hope that helps?

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I total get ur anxiety on this

I have a runny nose and shivers and not feeling good

It could be a common cold as typical this time of year

But because of this virus we are convincing ourselves we have esp with health anxiety

It’s soo scary

I am sure it’s the common cold

As I know few people the same


Hi Savannah 93 .

Sounds to me like you should call your dr and see what he advises you to do.

I am sorry you are feeling ill.

But stay calm. Whatever you have is treatable.

Savannah, I agree with "hurtingheart1" in that it sounds like you are experiencing

the end of a cold. The yellow phlegm can very well be coming from post nasal drip

of your sinuses causing that dry tickle cough. Chicken soup is known to thin the

mucous and has properties in it that can help you feel better. When I have a cough

due to a cold, I inhale with just plain water steam. It helps loosen the cough so you

can get rid of the irritation. Unless you have a fever, it's not likely to be pneumonia.

It's quite normal to have that "ill feeling" as your body is fighting the cold. If you are

able to take an OTC pain med, it could help with that ill feeling. Hydrating is just as

important now as it is everyday sick or not.

The reason your inhaler is not working is because it is not an asthma issue. The

epinephrine in that inhaler causes jitteriness to many people. Since we are not

doctors and can only go by our own experiences, give your doctor a call if you

aren't feeling any better tomorrow. He will give you his expert opinion according

to your health history which in turn will alleviate your fears. Feel better soon. :) xx

You need to phone 111 straight away.

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Mate , are you serious ? Not doing good on someone’s anxiety , she sounds like she has the tail end of a cold or a minor chest infection . You are gonna freak her out !!

I haven’t been able to sleep. This feels different and very scary. Nothing is giving me relief and everywhere I look I see an article about COVID-19 and even young and healthy people not being able to breathe and testing positive and dying or almost dying. I am terrified and I feel helpless.

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Can you breath ok? Good thing is , you sound like you gone through the worst of whatever you had ( I think a cold or a minor chest infection ) , maybe speak to your doctor , they will check you over to make sure you don’t have a chest infection , or if you did , give you some anti biotics . You’ll be ok . Book an app with your GP .

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Thank you! It’s 6am here. I’ll call when they open. My chest is very tight and I feel like I can’t breathe still. Hopefully it’s nothing crazy. I have acid reflux and I know that can cause this feeling too. I literally just came across a meme on Facebook that said “Shortness of breath is a symptom of corona. But you know what else causes shortness of breath? Anxiety. And you know what has been giving me anxiety? Thinking I have corona” and that did put my mind at ease a little bit. We all know anxiety can cause scary symptoms, but in the moment, you are so convinced that anxiety couldn’t cause a symptom this severe and that you are actually dying. At first, I really wasn’t scared about this virus and I thought the media was hyping it up too much but since I started experiencing this scary symptom of course I’ve been freaking out.

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I’ve had a cough for 5 day’s now, my anxiety causes me to feel short of breath , even tho I am not overly concerned about the virus , we all know for some people like myself that we don’t always need a reason to have anxiety , it just strikes with a symptom rather than a bad thought . And that symptom ends up turning into a bad thought . It’s a vicious cycle , but I guess that’s why anxiety is a pain in ass. Hope you feel better soon

We don’t get many colds which we put down to taking a vitamin c and zinc pill everyday

Oh my goodness Savannah93 I know exactly what you are talking about. My allergies usually ends up with post nasal drip. I'm almost sleeping sitting up to avoid this. I'm taking my 24hr allergy pill on the regular and using the neti pot. I get a really nasty wet cough.. I am so wound up. I don't even have it and I scared to death to even cough.

Be well my friend. We are all in this together. No matter where you are who you are or what you are. We are all together.

Hope you feel better fast.

Try some elderberry.

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I’m so sorry you’ve been dealing with this too. It’s the worst feeling not being able to breathe. I’m still not any better. I actually was taking elderberry gummies every morning for a while and just ran out yesterday. I’ll have to get some more. Thank you!

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No i am trying to avoid post nasal drip

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Have you tried Flonase or saline spray? They both help

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I take a 24hr allergy pill. Seems to work. But I'm allergic to cat dander and I have a cat lol

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I take Claritin every day and Flonase nasal spray twice a day. My doctor recommended it for post nasal drip.

Another thing my mom with Bad asthma suggests is magnesium powder in warm water it helps you relax and helps the lungs as well! Maybe look into that as well and yes also saline nasal spray is gr8!

Hi savannah

I totally know what you’re going through

Two days ago I started sneezing like crazy then developed what I think is a cold with a slight sore throat which I think I managed to control with constantly drinking hot water and lemon

Seeing corona posts and corona ads on tv and constantly reading about it everywhere has caused me so much stress

I’ve developed a cough today which is stressing me out so badly because I also have shortness of breath which i don’t know if it’s my anxiety or what??!!! I know shortness of breath for me is one of my main anxiety symptoms but I’m really stressing right now and I’m scared

COVID-19 symptoms could be a million different things so it is very scary for those of us who have health anxiety and are experiencing these symptoms. I feel like I need to just shut off the TV and social media and read a book or something.

I still am experiencing shortness of breath and pain in my chest and it’s scaring me. I had a virtual appointment with my primary care doctor today and she basically just told me to stay isolated... nothing I can do. She seemed to be in a hurry since so many others are sick and panicking and doctors are very busy right now. So I’ve been trying to tell myself that it is probably a chest cold or allergies and anxiety is exacerbating these symptoms and I will get through this. I hate to see others go through this, but it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I’m here if you need to talk. I hope you feel better soon!!

I do agree with you having health anxiety doesn’t help at all with what’s going on

I feel like my breathlessness is getting worse by the hour ):!

I need to do the same thing I need to stay off the internet and tv.

I’m hoping we’re both having anxiety issues

I’m doing exactly what you’re doing too just tryna tell myself it’s all anxiety playing games on me once again

This is exactly what scares me doctors being extremely busy and not giving their 100% time and effort

My sisters husband is a doctor working in a busy Queensland hospital in Australia and dealing with many people

Tonight I will try to get in contact with him and explain our symptoms and see what he says

But hopefully once again it’s anxiety 😓

I just woke up screaming because I felt like I was suffocating :( my chest hurts so bad too. I have a million things this could be running through my head. Acid reflux is one of them. It’s definitely worse when I’m lying down and I feel a burning sensation in my throat and chest. But this also feels like a bad chest cold and of course I’m worrying about the virus again since I just saw there have been a few confirmed cases in my area. So frustrating that my doctor couldn’t take the time to actually listen to my symptoms and help me instead of just tell me to stay home. There really was no point of the virtual appointment. It is scary that doctors don’t have time for anyone anymore. I know there is something physically going on, but I hope it’s anxiety that is making it feel more serious than it is. I hope this feeling goes away for both of us soon! Let me know what the doctor says.

Sorry to hear that but I remember those times when I was going crazy with my breathlessness waking up like I was a fish out of water

Yes as u said it, you must have a chest infection due to the cold which doesn’t help with the anxiety and knowing corona virus has the same symptoms but I’m sure it’s just a chest cold (: which country are you from?

Yep definitely scary with this whole doctor thing like I feel like right now going to see a gp for whatever reason will be useless

So I spoke to my sisters husband and he said it’s most likely all anxiety related as I do suffer from anxiety

If I were to have a high fever that would definitely be a concern

So In saying that I’m pretty sure you’re not feverish and should be okay (:

Let’s try to reduce our anxiety somehow and I know that seems so impossible right now

I live in the US. I’m glad you got some reassurance from your sister’s husband. I need a doctor in my family lol. I still feel really sick but since I can’t do anything about it right now, I’m trying my best to keep my anxiety down and not freak out about my symptoms.

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