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Anxiety is Killing ME???


I’m in a Black Hole it feels like? Having trouble eating, diarrhea, headaches, in bed a lot. Out in public having to deal with things I start crying. Been losing weight afraid I’ll end up doing physical damage to myself. I’m diabetic, high cholesterol , sleep apnea and a disease that will eventually have me blind. Lately I’ve been having to deal with finances which I’m thinking of in the WORSE WAY? Trying to Not to go in that direction, SO HARD. Was talking with a friend on how I was feeling, guess it was too much for her? She cut the conversation short. I have a appointment with a new psychiatrist, I’m very anxious for this. It’s been several months not seeing one and No medication. Drank some chamomile tea it’s suppose to Relax you? Thanks to anyone who reads this. 🙏

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Hi dear...Anxiety seems to be overwhelming for you right now but it won't always be

that way. I'm happy to hear that you will be seeing a psychiatrist soon who will be able

to put your mind at ease. Sometimes when we talk with friends, they get at a loss of

words to comfort you and it seems like they just turn the back and walk away. I'm glad

you turned to your virtual family. Many may be sleeping now but know that you aren't

alone or forgotten. There comes a time for all of us where medication is the way to go

for a while until we can settle down and get refocused.

Do not be afraid of your appointment with the doctor. You are doing the right thing

in not staying stuck by moving forward and getting the help you need right now.

As much as Chamomile Tea relaxes you, I would suggest starting to use meditation

and breathing to help reduce your stress.

Wishing you a goodnight my friend. Breathe deeply, exhale slowly and allow your

body to sink into the mattress allowing the tea to relax your mind and body. :) xx

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Thanks for writing, how many ounces for the price ? I’ve had opioides in the past for kidney stones. I’m a diabetic so I don’t know how that my medication would work with this tea ? I would need to speak to my doctor about this.

Wait , I thought you was from the uk. In America it’s called kratom , you’ve probably herd of it . Drs might give you the bullshit speech about it not being approved by the medical professionals , but it’s a natural ground leaf, and it’s worked for so many people I know . You can buy Kratom in lots of places in the USA . If you’ve had opioids before , you’ll be totally fine with this. It’s in the coffee family , and works by binding to the opioid receptors in the brain . Go on YouTube and type in “ kratom for depression and anxiety “ . Hope this helps .

I’am from the USA, I still have to pass this by my doctor and I will research the tea thanks

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Thank You, I’ll pass this by my doctor ( psychiatrist ). I have a couple of illnesses diabetes n high cholesterol.

I think if you are diabetic you may not be able to take it but check with your doc

Thanks I will

Hello :-)

I saw your post and had to reply as I could feel your pain

I have no words of wisdom but can relate to how you feel as this last year has been the worse ever and I feel just as you do

I relate to people cutting you of in conversation it hurts so much and I bet you are like me and would listen to someone all day if they needed you to and every day to , which then hurts even more when people have not got a few minutes for us , but thank goodness for these Communities as at least someone will talk to us :-)

Embrace this new phycaristrist , after fighting so hard I look like at last I might be getting help and I am going to grab it with both hands :-)

You are not alone , you always have us remember that :-) x

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Thanks lulu, I’m still feeling out of it, I’ve been in bed All day, though I did eat. I guess it’s the unknown waiting for the other shoe to drop??? It might Not, but that’s what’s been TORTURING ME, IF it happens??? Trying to get from under that. I do for a minute, then I tell myself what if it does??? I’m thinking of a way out??? The stress of this I think Might Kill Me??? But how else can you feel better??? I’m desperate to see my psychiatrist. Unfortunately I can’t tell him how I feel about Not wanting to Live??? There’s a law that I could be hospitalized For 72 hours. So I’ve been praying for a BREAK 🙏

Have you considered using Kratom ? Life saver

You mentioned that, I will speak to my doctor

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I understand

I had pneumonia last year it nearly took my life and I have lived in constant fear ever since , I feel frozen to the spot all day long checking everything about how I feel and wondering how much longer I can go on feeling this way and now with this virus all over the world I feel I am pushed to the edge with fear the what if's I catch that

Where are you from ?

I am in the UK and we are encouraged to say if we feel we want to take our own life but they do not take us in as much as they can they try to support us at home

I am sorry you cannot be so open for the fear that will happen as been 100% honest about how you feel is the best way to get help but I totally get if that is the case why you would keep quite :-( x

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Have you ever tried a Volumetric exerciser or heard of it? It’s something you use to help straighten the lungs. I’m afraid of getting pneumonia too. I got 1 of 2 shots to help prevent from getting it. And try vitamin C. As far as speaking my mind, at least on this site you’re able to express yourself without fear. I’m trying to not panic about that virus, I live in California where a few cities away have it. I was able to find Sanitizer, it’s sad the way people are gouging prices on stuff like that. I have a 86 year old friend whose been driving all over trying to find some I’m giving her some when I see her. Are you guys having that problem there too? I’m inside a lot because of my anxiety.

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I am agoraphobic so in just about all the time , very rare can anyone get me out just to the doctors so know how you feel , I have been stuck in for 17 years and when people are going on about having to self isolate for 14 days I think welcome to my world !

Yes we have more cases by the sounds of it than you have and people are going crazy , buying food as well the shelves are empty and some places now have started to limit you to how many of certain things you can have

Hand sanitizes well not a chance , sold out every where and like in your case anyone selling them well they are charging ridiculous prices which makes me sad they are taking such advantage at a time like this when we should be trying to help each other stay safe like you are going to do with your neighbour :-)

I had the flu jab this year , I am 57 so they don't recommend the pneumonia jab even though I think I am going to pay and get it done

I will start taking vitamin C , I take D as mine is really low but if C will help then I shall get that down me to :-)

I have never heard of that Volumetric exerciser , I shall have to look it up and see if we have them , thank you for the tips

This evening I have a really bad upset stomach and a feeling I have a lump in my throat so something else to worry about all night , it seems like it never ends :-(

Hope your day is going as well as it can be :-) x

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Thank You, I have a niece who has agoraphobia , she’s young like 30. Don’t be surprise if you have trouble finding vitamin C ? On TV they’re talking about strengthening your immune system which vitamin C is supposed to help do I had ordered some online and then I got an email telling me that they canceled my order because there was none in stock. The excercisor that I mentioned isn’t expensive I paid $9.00 for mine. I’m sure you can order one online. They don’t offer the pneumonia shot over there? You should look into it? Well enjoy the rest of your day 🙏

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I had better stock up on vitamin C then at the moment we seem to have plenty but once everyone gets the word it could help we will be the same as you :-o

Yes we can get the injection free if you are over 60 otherwise you have to pay which is about 70 pounds , and I have been wondering shall I pay , shall I not pay but could be worth me doing it as I have been dreadful with my anxiety this winter :-o

Im so sorry about your niece , I hope she gets the help she needs and deserves as I know what this is like

Enjoyed talking to you and have a lovely evening :-) x

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Thanks, you too 🙏

Hello Want2BHappy3, I agree, we all want to be happy :).

I had severe IBS-D, panic attacks/depression for years. I really believe now that it's our gut microbiome that's messed up which affects our immune system, etc.

What has helped me is, 50B probiotics daily, with psyllium husk capsules which help feed the probiotics and control IBS, and figure out which foods also triggers the symptoms. I've been through 3 different meds this year which hadn't really helped much, some made me worse. I had also tried diet and exercise but with no results and usually felt worse for hours afterwards. I also went through a lot the past 10 years with anxiety and panic. But last year was the worse for me. The probiotics also seem to make a difference during colds and flu.

My anxiety is pretty much nonexistent now, and my energy levels are still problematic at times but I'm gradually recovering of years being unwell. The gut and brain connection plays a huge role and the probiotics helped me tremendously and might do the same for you. It took a few weeks to finally notice a difference and a few more to really see a big difference.

I use Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion from Renew Life. They also have 30, 40 and 90 billion. Here's what strains you should try to get if you can't find it:

Bifidobacterium bifidum (HA-132) 25 Billion

Lactobacillus acidophilus (HA-122) 10 Billion

Lactobacillus casei (HA-108) 8.875 Billion

Bifidobacterium breve (HA-129) 4 Billion

Bifidobacterium longum (HA-135) 1 Billion

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA-111) 250 Million

Lactobacillus rhamnosus (HA- 114) 250 Million

Lactobacillus plantarum (HA-119) 250 Million

Lactobacillus fermentum (HA-179) 250 Million

Lactobacillus salivarius (HA-118) 125 Million

other companies have similar ones but I know this company worked well for my mom and I. Their capsule is a slow release so that more can reach the large intestine. Multiple strains are being studied and are theoretically supposed to help your immune system, anxiety and convert vitamins more effectively. Hope you find a solution. God Bless.

P.S. belief in God and prayers will also help.

That’s a lot, are these herbs? I will need to speak to my doctor since I am diabetic also Thanks

This is a probiotic supplement with multiple probiotic strains in one capsule. These bacteria are cultures already living in our gut you are simply adding to your gut since most often with our modern diet, but mostly antibiotics, it kills the good bacteria and promotes the bad bacteria to thrive.

Ok, thanks

Hope your new psychiatrist helps. Will be thinking of you. It's even harder when you are going through a time where so many things are happening at the same time.

Thanks, there are several things going on I feel overwhelmed.

I feel the same way at times. Can handle only so much at once but of course life often seems to be all or nothing. Getting through the hardest times is rough. But I have no doubt you will. All of us are stronger than we realize. We are survivors.

Thank You, I guess it’s the feeling of being trapped with my anxiety not being able to shake these feelings is driving me CRAZY. Right now I’m telling myself it’ll be ok no ones died. 🙏

So glad you are on this forum. There is nothing like being able to post to people who understand. My family tries to understand but since none of them suffer from anxiety or depression talking to them doesn't help. Here we are safe and not abnormal. Although I don't think there is such a thing. Normal really doesn't exist.🙃

We are all here for you as we too are in the same boat.

Hang in there and vent with all of us. I know it's not easy just ask any of us here on this forum. Hang in there.

Your team mate Pete.

Thank You Pete, I’m feeling so Sick All over. Don’t know what to do??? I’m trying to distract myself deep breathing, funny tv. I’m alone A lot nobody to talk too. I have 7 siblings, unfortunately we’re Not close. I think if things continue this way? I’ll be dead before the end of the year due to my health??? I have several health issues. I feel trapped in my life I’m 65. I barely leave the house afraid I’ll faint. Last week I started crying in the bank. Wouldn’t handle waiting. Well thanks for your support. I desperately need it🙏

I went through this exact same thing last year. I seriously thought I wasn't going to live. I'm 38 but felt like I was 70. My mom is in her 70's and has been a huge support for me. She saw how bad I was and how I was energy wise.

That great for you, I don’t have Any support. My mother has dementia she doesn’t know who her kids are. That’s why I write to this site 🙏

Oh I'm sorry to hear :(. Do you have anyone else to help you through this? At least we can talk through this site for support, it's just I understand that we all need someone in person as well because it's just not the same. :(

Thanks for writing, I have 7 siblings we’re not close unfortunately They keep to themselves. I don’t even know what most of them do for a living ? That’s why I write here, I have a appointment with a new psychiatrist next week so hopefully he can help me get this under control ?

You hang in there.

This horrible thing hit me like a ton of bricks 20 years ago.

Back then I had no idea what was happening to me.

It was the darkest chapter in my life. It does go away once you accept it. After a 13 year break it's come back , really! this crap again I said.

You cry if you need to as it's perfectly ok.

My symtoms are as they were 20 years ago physical and they are dibilitating let me tell you.

The amzing thing is that I've gone against the trend and find my evenings the best part of my day, crazy this anxiety thing.

I'm coping better this time around because I suffered this 20 years ago, doesn't make it any easier although the fear of the unknown isn't that bad this time.

Stay positive and distract yourself, easier said than done I know.

Hang in there ok.


Thanks for sharing, i’ve been dealing with this off and on for about 36 years I’ve been telling myself why can’t things right? I’m trying to not fight it because I know that’s not good For me. What’s another big stress for me is that I have an adult daughter who is mentally challenged and I worry about what’s going to happen to her if something happens to me ? She has two other sisters who said they won’t help her unless something happens to me? It’s hard to communicate with her, she has dyslexia. So her brain is wired differently. so I’m stuck. She’s not retarded she has limited earning income she only works part time. We live in California where it’s very expensive to live. She couldn’t afford to live on her own. I’ll be looking into housing for disabled adults. Enough about me, so are you in counseling? You don’t mention that? I wish you the Best, thanks for caring 🙏

Hi there anxiety..I hope you will find happines everyone of us here desperately longing for. Just remember you are not alone.sometimes we feel that we are alone but absolutely not.Everything will passed the good thing that when we are at the bottom is there is no way but up..just hang in there we will be okay..

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Thanks for your support, I guess I feel alone because I’m kinda isolated. Even my kids don’t want to spend time with me because of my anxiety this is their way of dealing with me. I feel trapped, right now I’ve been telling myself it’ll be ok or I could end up in the hospital because of my diabetes?

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