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I’m freaking out in the bathroom. I felt like I was gonna pass out and I still do my heart is thumping and I’m sweating I just wanna rip off my clothes and I threw my hair up real fast. Has this happened to anybody? Somebody talk to me I don’t wanna die

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Hi yes I have that a lot x

Panic attack?

Slow deep breathes. Tell yourself you are going to be ok. Reach out to someone. I reach out to a friend to help distract me till it subsides.

If you are alone and unable to calm down call an ambulance.

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anon99 in reply to Dolphin14

It went away. But now it’s back. What’s wrong with me? It never comes back this fast I’m scared

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DarrylPartner in reply to anon99

Anxiety comes and goes. Take solace in knowing that you are having a normal presentation

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Yasyass in reply to anon99

Try to take steady deep breaths don’t panic it makes thing worse keep saying to uself u will get over it try keep calm remember u r in charge of uself I hope u r ok

Pregnancy hormones? x

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anon99 in reply to hypercat54

Could it do that?

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hypercat54 in reply to anon99

Oh yes. Baby hormones are wild x

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anon99 in reply to hypercat54

:( good to know i guess

I didn't realize you were pregnant. Are you staying hydrated?

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anon99 in reply to Dolphin14

Yes !

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Dolphin14 in reply to anon99

Congratulations :)

Are you feeling better today?

My daughter had a lot of pregnancy issues due to dehydration that's why I mentioned it. Similar feelings with increased heart rate, feeling faint etc. that would lead her to get panicky.

Double check with your md. Be sure things are ok.

When is your baby due?

You're not going to die. I felt like this earlier n I threw on clothes and was ready to go to the hospital. But, after talking to my dad and my daughter I took their advice and slowed breathing and just got out of my head and i was fine. I'm still on edge right now, being hypersensitive as if I'm waiting for it to happen again. You'll have good days n bad started off good for me...but it seems like it's gone a bit downhill.

I don't usually have this happen. Was in bathroom couple nights ago with lots of anxiety...all of a sudden felt nautious which rarely if ever happens...but went away on its own after about 4-5 minutes. Hasn't returned. Was scary though.

Its severe panic attacks i get thek all the time people tell me to breathe in paperbags but make me worse so i curl on my right side in bed in dark close my eyes and put both hands over nose and mouth and take slow deep breaths yes you will think your going to die the mind goes overdrive at times its horrible x

Panic attack I do that real often!

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