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Hi Everyone, ''''Question,''' as you know I've suffered with Sinuses for a good two years.

The ENT guy in my opinion was absolutely useless, even with the technology he had at hand.

The Worst part of my Problem is the Inner Ear Pressure, it never seems to Cease.

Its not Painful, just so Debilitating, Its kind of like walking on a Ship Symptoms.

So my Question to Great Bunch, ''Is'' can I get a ( *EAR SPRAY*) to Relieve the Inner Ear Pressure.

Looking Forward to all your Replies.

Thanking You So Much, for all of your previous answers to my Woes.

Thanking You Robbyp

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I had chronic sinus issues and infections for years until I realized I had candida fungal overgrowth from a poor diet of lots of sugar, wheat and dairy. Last year I had a test and found out I was sensitive to gluten/wheat. Cutting out the wheat and sugar helped solve the problem.

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