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Just started escitalopram 10 mg and I’m scared. Can anyone give me some reassurance?

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I was on a higher dosage of citalopram and it was best antidepressant. No side effects and it blocked my panic attacks for a year. My anxiety and panic attacks came back but I can't take Propanolol and Citalopram in same time so I prefer the propanolol for blood pressure issues sacrificing the only med who blocked my panic attacks.. :(



I started on Velafaxine about a year and a half ago now and I can honestly say I would not have got through without it. My anxiety was so bad I was not sure I could carry on. For about the first two weeks or so on it I felt even more anxious but l now know that is a normal response and you do get through it. It also made me feel sick and took my appetite away but that also stopped after around a week or two. After about 4 months on it I was virtually back to my normal self and now after 18 months I feel really good with just a few lingering symptoms which are no more that a nuisance.

I think it is really important to persist to get improvement, it is worth it. If you need to because you do not get enough improvement you can ask your GP if you can change to another type of antidepressant. It is also important to eat regularly and get plenty of sleep. I have found excercise is also really beneficial. If available some sort of therapy or relaxation technique could help.

I wish you all the best, hang on in there.



Hi, Im also on Velafaxine, How much do you take daily?


Hi rajsam

I started on 75 mg of Velafaxine, then added 37.5 about two months later. Two months after that I added another 37.5 making it 150. I was on 150 mg for about a year then went up once more and am now on 187.5 mg. I tended to decide when I needed to increase and my GP supported this.

I had the increases as my anxiety was not reducing much until I got to the 150 which seemed to give me most of the benefits. My remaining troublesome symptom is feeling a bit tight chested and breathless, particularly in the morning. This symptom is eased by excercise or if I am fully engaged in something so I forget about it. This was feeling worse so I went to my present dose a few months ago but it did not ease it much. I am however generally really well and happy with virtually no anxiety. A bonus is I am more sociable and out going than l ever was before I became ill. I had never seen myself as an anxious person prior to my illness but was not all that out going or sociable. My job meant I needed to appear confident and in control and I had lovely friends but was not keen on parties etc and did not find making new friends easy.

I have found that it is really important to try not to focus on any negative symptoms or side effects and it is often very difficult to tell which is which. Getting on with life and giving yourself more challenging experiences if you can seems to be the answer but not always easy ofcourse.

I do not plan to increase the dose any further unless I have a major deterioration. I have heard velafaxine is very effective for anxiety but the down side is that it can be very difficult to come off but I will cross that bridge when l come to it.

How long have you been on it and how has it affected you? What dose are you on?

Any ideas from anyone on how to reduce the breathlessness would be great.

I have no plans to attempt to stop or reduce the dose until I am sure this bout of anxiety had ended.

I am interested in finding out how long initial bouts of anxiety continue for if you have a diagnosis of GAD or generalised anxiety disorder. I had no anxiety at all apart from the usual worries of life prior to this, which came on suddenly after a traumatic event.

Be great to hear from anyone on these questions.

Best wishes to you and everyone still struggling with anxiety or depression, in my experience it is horrendous when you are really ill but it does get easier.



I just started escitalopram again and am on 20mg. 10mg is not a high dosage. In fact, I have taken escitalopram for many years throughout my adult years starting when I was 19. I am 33 now. I have went on and off it. Although we are individually different, escitalopram is the only antidepressant that hasnt given me side effects and has worked well despite being uncomfortable on it. I am trying to get comfortable taking it again, thinking that the benefit outweighs the cost of it. It is stopping debilitating symptoms.


Well noticeable side effects. I may feel some now but it is only minor. Prior to this, I had muscle tightness or spasms but I think that might have been due to posture from sitting at an ill seat and desk at my job. I certainly have them now due to computer work. So I try yoga, etc. All in all, I am more comfortable with this drug than any other one. Minimal side effects if any.


No side effects. Blocking panic attacks. Placebo events zero. Seems to lower down blood pressure under normal circumstances working well with Propanolol. If taken separately but NEVER mix citalopram and propanololl together in same time. In normal circumstances both work. But in anxiety disorders might try to consider meditation. Good for depression. Not sure as Anxiety attacks as Combo or separerely. Very good in normal circumstances as long as you measure your blood pressure at home


20 mg of Citalopram and 20 of propanolol during Anxiety blood pressure. Working well together. Less paranoia too.


Psychotic episodes zero of PTSD and generalised anxiety disorder on 20 mg of Citalopram and a split 40 mg propanolol in two . Depending on pulse. Won't take Propanolol if low blood pressure! Not. But defo an antipsychotic combo


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