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So recently I have been attacked by axiety it just hit me out of nowhere and I panicked and my whole body couldn't stop shaking I felt like I was dying that night but my in-laws was trying to help me stay calm my whole body got hot so I ended up at the hospital I don't ever want go through that again it was too scary now I'm too scared to be alone.i pray for anybody that has to go through axiety.

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It's not easy. I've been living with this for almost 3 years. First thing i advice you doing is. Stay off of google. That's an anxiety sufferers worst enemy. Googling things will just send your mind spiralling into avenues you need not go down.

Feel free to skim through my page and check other responses I've left to other members. This is not an easy disorder to live with but there is hope. For all of us.

Hello Vannessasedillo,

Am sorry to hear that you went though this attack. we thank God for the support from your in-laws. I know its not easy but want you to know that you are not alone. With exercise and therapy things can improve. Meditation, listening to inspirational messages or songs can help sometimes. Feeding your mind positive things can be helpful too. I found this ( ) resource very useful. You can look at this when you can.

Thankyou ima try to listen to relax music rn because I always have trouble sleeping I just get scared to lay down because most of the time my body shakes and my head feels weird it stress ful but I'ma try

Sorry I couldn't get back to you on time. Have you also tried listening to inspirational music with words. Something like ' I need you God I need you' ( ) . Some of the words are so calming to hear. You can try this one and if its something you would like, can get you more. Just say little prayers to God to keep you safe. Will be praying with you. Hugs from me. Hope you have a wonderful and a blessed day.

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