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Aropax / Peroxetine

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Hi, Just need some info. I am new on the site and at my wits ends. Hi everyone. Been on Aropax (generic is Paroxetine) 20mg for 25 years. I did not want to "wean" myself off it, so went cold turkey 9 days ago. It went ok till today. I am a witch ..... i really dont want to go back on it as i had no emotions whilst on the medication. How long does this "witch" feeling last ? (witch feeling as EVERTHING bugs me, my hair, my life, my work, my everything, i cannot even speak decently to people, feel like killing everyone, and just want to cry cry cry.) I need advice urgently please.

2 Replies
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Did you discuss stopping cold turkey with your doctor? That's a lot of years to wean off of. I googled withdrawal from Paroxetine, also known as Paxil, which is also a generic of the medicine you're taking and found this:

Have you searched withdrawal symptoms? If this doesn't help perhaps you can call your doctor? They might be able to give you something to help with the symptoms of withdrawal.

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Hi no i did not and i am aware i must wean off BUT am so sick of not having emotions. I thought it would be a quick fix. I am struggling big time and thinking of changing my approach. Thank you for the feedback i appreciate.

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