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Health anxiety controlling my life

My health anxiety is back and won't shift. One swollen painless tonsil for nearly a month. 4 visits to the doctor. Two rounds of antibiotics (made no difference) and despite being told by 3 separate doctors that it doesn't look like anything sinister. I'm sat here at 1.30am in extreme panic. Mind racing, heart pounding and tears flowing.

I feel like I won't relax until I've seen an ENT but my doctor seems reluctant to refer me.

At times, I think, everything will be ok, you're not going to die, soon this tonsil worry will all be a distant nightmare and you'll be worrying about something else. And when I think that I feel my entire body relax. But it literally lasts a matter of seconds before the "what if" voice kicks in and sends me straight back to panic mode.

I'm currently have CBT and so far not finding it particularly helpful.

I miss the days when anxiety was something I'd heard of but never actually experienced. I fear that anxiety might never fully leave my life...

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Yes health anxiety is very real. We have the ability to make a headache into a tumor and heartburn into a heart attack. I found myself doing that sometimes. What you have to remember is if you can distract yourself for lets say a hour and it doesnt feel as bad.. it might be anxiety. Anxiety lives in the what if roundabout in our brains. We constantly think about the condition and make it more aggravated. If we have a leg cramp we can make it throb. It is important to understand that having health anxiety is real and accept it. I would just try and understand that our bodies are very complex and they tend to be able to handle alot of wear/tear. Our brain tries to balance that out constantly. When we are anxious our brain is more sensitive and the sensations are more intense.

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This was just what I needed to read. Thank you so much for replying. I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow and hopefully he will refer me to the ENT. But for now, I will try to sleep as reading your message has put my mind at ease somewhat.

You're totally right in everything you said :) thank you


I am glad to hear that :)

Have good night sleep and let your body and mind rest.


Health anxiety is a nightmare.

If the tonsil is swollen and not painful, maybe you have tonsil stones inside? It’s just a build up of stuff and nothing serious.

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I thought it may be tonsil stones but I can't see anything on the tonsil. It looks normal just very swollen. Ear feels slightly blocked too. I just wish my mind wouldn't always go to the worse case sinario and the "what if" it would be lovely to just shut the mind off in these moments.

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My health anxiety is bad at the moment too. If it’s swollen on the side the ear feels a bit blocked, that’ll be the reason why. Also, you can’t usually see tonsil stones as they’re tucked inside the little crevices.

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You have absolutely no idea how much comfort and ease this message has just given me. Thank you!!!! It's like with a few simple words you've managed to convince me that there is hope of nothing serious. It's funny how easily we can convince ourselves of things good or bad isn't it?

Last night I was listening to my audiobook. He said something along the line of

"Worrying does no good, you either worry about an event that's already happened. You can't change the past, so worrying is pointless. Or we worry about events that might happen, which is also pointless as most of what we worry about never actually happens"

And it's true. All these what if thoughts just drain our energy and make us miserable.

Have you tried different thing to get rid of your health anxiety?


You’re welcome, I guarantee you that’s all it is.

Mine is due to my dads illness and I keep worrying if I have the same. I find mindful meditation helpful and keeping super busy.


I have a very dear friend who has the same anxiety. He worries constantly that he will follow his fathers path. (His father has serious mental illness)

He deals with it by trying to enjoy each and every day and keeping a close eye on his mental state.

I don't know what illness your father has, but please try not to worry. Try to enjoy each and every day. We are all on earth for a limited time, we may as well try to see the beauty in this place and enjoy our days here. Worrying about something that hasn't happened is a waste of energy, it's literally wasting your precious time.

Easier said than done, I know! But worth a try.

I must admit I'm finding meditation helpful. But I'm new to it so not great at it yet.

I also find regular exercise helpful (I run) just helps me focus on something other. Than my anxiety. Also there is a very strong link between mental health and exercise. My therapist told me exercise is the best anti depressant/anti anxiety medication you can get. (We shall see...)

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you and me both I completely relate my anxiety has been through the roof my mind gets me ntrouble all the time and I also fear anxiety will follow me all of my life . but the god thing is anxiety wont kill you yu have to just speak life back into and trust God because he will help ask and you will recve


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