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Its okay to cry right?

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Ive been on mirtazapine 15mg since Mon 7th jan for anxiety, panic and low mood. Its normal to have emotional days right? I seem to just feel so emotional all the time like any little thing i could quite possibly break down.

Only side effect im noticing is zero motivation and a hazed head.

This is my first time dealing with low mood/mild depression and being on medication. Had general anxiety for a couple of years now but only ever took diazepam as an 'as and when'.

My doctors are alright i suppose as far as doctors go. Im in the u.k.

Some days i think im too young to be going through this and think its just a blip and ill look back at this time and laugh at myself (which i do on the regular). Im staying positive that it is just a blip in my life and ill not suffer this again but who knows. Im 26 but i know theres people younger than me suffering. I have accepted that medication is my way forward for now and that they are the to help, just like taking meds for a heart defect.

Anyway, ill stop rambling. Keep smiling everyone ❤🌈

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Yes i cry all the time its part of being a human as for the side affects all these meds have one or more but after awhile it goes away it takes like 3months to really get in your system so hang in there

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Charl- in reply to lourocks

I know its going to take time, just riding it out. I just have my moments but yeh we are all human 😀

hi its ok to cry it really is.being on mirtazapine may make you feel this way in the beginning but that should fade over time.crying shows true feelings and emotion so please don't feel bad about it.

I hear you...I am wondering about this drug as well. Ive done 7.5 mg for 6 days now and seem hazed as well as emotional and depressed. Hope it gets better for both of us.

Just an fyi from someone 20 years older, not sure why this was a first line drug prescribed for you. I would ask there are such better drugs than this. Remeron aka mirtazapine is usually used when typical ssri's Zoloft, Cipralex, Prozac, Lexapro dont work...

Will be curious to see your progress on this drug...

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Charl- in reply to Willie123

Thanks. They gave me it because i werent sleeping. Doc said because i have asthma the other ones can react with it and told me to keep on with the mirtazapine

Dear Charl, I've been taking 45mg of mirtazapine since 2002. Your 15mg dose is the first step. After four weeks, your doc will note your progress and likely raise your dose. Another reply suggested the SSRIs but those are for depression not anxiety and have far too many side effects. Getting a good night's sleep is key to keeping anxiety at bay and mirtazapine helps with that in a gentle way. I myself added 50mg trazodone nightly.

Anxiety feels terrible but getting rid of it is a process not a quick fix. You should have your thyroid assessed (not just TSH but FT4, FT3, & antibodies). Start some gentle yoga and do it every day. ( I use these:, Take half an hour's walk outdoors in nature. The key is every day. This will become your habit and make you feel far more integrated.

You didn't say if you were crying before or if this only started with mirtazapine. If the latter, just pay it some attention. I'm a 70-year old man and I cry easily over the smallest things.

The trouble with most anxiety meds is addiction, like the benzos. They sure work but getting off them is a beach.

I suggest trying GABA for anxiety first. Tablets or chewable fast-acting. There are only a few non-addictive anxiolytics and most docs just prescribe addictives. All these are intended for other conditions but work well for anxiety & sleep. Progesterone. 7-Keto DHEA. Phenibut. Benzoctamine. Etifoxine/etafenoxine. Buspirone. Hydrozine. Oxypertine. Sulpiride.

Doing your own research will lessen your anxiety, Charl! You need to make sure you have a cooperative & understanding doc. If he’s god made man, find another doc! You’re the boss of your own health.

Feel better, Sweetheart…

Thank you for your reply.

So only the last couple of anxiety/panic attacks have lead to low mood hence now why i am on medication.

They gave me mirtazapine for sleep mainly because i was managing about 5 hours a night and waking up panicking.

My anxiety is health triggered aswell as general anxiety. Ive nearly finished councelling/talk therapy and on a waiting list for cbt.

I would prefer not to take any meds but whilst iv been back on them they are massively helping.

I do hope it is a short term thing

I do go out, i go out and walk my dogs, i take myself off. I go to work. After a couple of days of being bad i can pull myself around which makes me think i dont have any depression i just have severe anxiety attacks when they happen.

Im back at the doctors on monday so i will see what they say then.

Thank you 🙂

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Course it's ok to cry, good luck with the mirtazipine, I couldn't function on them, I felt completely out of it

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Charl- in reply to Hidden

Im doing fine on them. Only on 15mg at night and they seem to be working, first few days i was a bit groggy but been on them 3 maybe 4 weeks now

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Thats fab, I'm glad they are working for you, I think I'm just over sensitive to medications in general

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Oh thats rubbish. Hope you found one that agrees with you

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