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Reaching out


I regularly read this forum and consider it part of my therapy. I know all too well how anxiety can impact ones life and i am no exception. I have good times and not so good times. I shake and tremble and i know how that for me a simple thought or concern over a physical symptom can send me into a spiral. Talk therapy helps me and so i want to be more present here and work on acceptance. I shake? Ok, so what... keep moving forward.

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Cjonesabq,glad you can come on here and discuss how you feel,are you on any meds ,,its always going to be a struggle to gain strength from what sometimes feels impossible.;anxiety can be very debilitating ,and its best to try and accept all the nerves and jelly legs ,,even though its hard ,accepting all these weird feelings is the answer according to Dr Claire Weeks..Im hoping to join something this year but have no real support ,though its got to happen or remain isolated,,,

Hello, i have read Claire Weekes and she makes good sense. I do take several meds for anxiety such as prozac, buspar and a very small dose of lorazepam.

im glad that you have read DrWeekes bk.and that your meds help to cope with your anxiety,long may it continue.

Glad this is helpful for you. I know for me talk therapy helps me so much. Anxiety is not fun and shaking is a common symptom. I pray you continue to make progress -Rachel

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