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Effects of depression and citroplam

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I have a partner who is taking 40mg of citroplam. She started on 10mg and it has increased over the 1.5 years. I know one of the side effects if the lack of sex drive, that doesn't bother me as her health is what is important. However now she says she doesn't love me anymore. Has anyone else had this? Is this a side effect of the drug and the depression together? She says she doesn't feel any emotions at all. In my eyes once she starts to feel better she'll start to feel the emotions she once had for me.

I've tried to be there for her all the time. She didn't take it well when her depression was not getting better and feels she's better off alone pushing me further away as she feels were better as friends. Which I've reluctantly agreed to as we live together and have dogs. It's heart breaking trying not to let my emotions get the better of me as she is the most amazing, brilliant woman I've ever met. She doesnt think its fair as I'm basically being strung along as she has no love for me, but i do not want to be with anyone else. This woman is my whole life and we work better as a team. There are moments where the chemistry is there but she is quick to shun it.

I was wondering if there was any advise as to help in continuing to assist her.

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