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What is this symptom?

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Hi all, I’ve had a strange feeling lately and I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this?

When I’m feeling most anxious or depressed, I begin to feel worse when I see something touching or uplifting. It’s very quick, and it is a rush of emotion..sometimes which lead to tears. But they don’t feel like good tears necessarily, it is just a rush of emotion. In a way the emotion feels misplaced- the wrong emotion at the wrong time?

Any thoughts would be great 👍🏼

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I can understand that kspeidell. It's one of the reason I have to be careful

about listening to songs that may put me in an uncomfortable emotional state.

It all goes back to those over sensitized nerves. That rush of emotions no longer

gives me panic but can produce a headache or fullness in my head. We are never

alone in what we experience.

Happy New Year my friend :) x

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