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Anxiety and Functional Neurological Disease


I've ready many posts on hear that deal with anxiety, dizziness and lightheadedness, and movement disorders. I have FND and have all of those symptoms and more, such as non-epileptic seizures. Research FND and see how many of the symptoms you may have. It is a rare disorder, not known by too many PTPs, but well known to neurologists. I've been to the best neurologists, including Stanford and Uc Davis, and they all confirmed the disorders. It is very debilitating, but with CBT and other modalities you can overcome it. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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VERY INTERESTING READ !* Thanks For The Link !* There Is ALLOT Related To ANXIETY SYMPTOMS & Then The "Little Quirks" Are VERY Interesting. I Missed My Appointment With A Neurologist. [ had days mixed up with another appointment ] & That Really Frustrated Me. [ waited almost 6 months for it ]. Now ? I Gotta Wait Til Jan. 28th. [ sux ]. Personally ?* I Think ALL Of Us That Have Panic & Anxiety Disorders Should Se A Neurologist. There's ALLOT Of Things That Are Related.

Thank You.

[ oh. no offence, but, i read it and i'm like, "great ! just another egg to consider in this basket of thoughts and causes". but ? that is why seeing a Neurologist is important for everybody. but ? mentally we can't have just one egg basket of thoughts and worries. we have to develop several. because if we put all our eggs in one basket and drop it. we feel like all is lost. this will go into my "consideration of things to check and hopefully rule out basket ]

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