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My anxiety - identifying the cause and learning to let go

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Good morning!

The last few days, I have been Journaling my thoughts and have gotten to the root causes of my worry and anxiety. I've always been a worrier, but the crippling anxiety that has me obsessing over every little thing is relatively new to me. This is a condensed version of the last two years of my mother passed unexpectedly in fall of 2016, my dog fractured his spine at doggy day care in the same time period, which required 2 spinal surgeries. The 2nd surgery left him unable to walk, so we had rehab for a year. During this time he needed another surgery to pull a few teeth. My job is incredibly stressful, as I'm overloaded and am the only one in my company who knows how to do what I do, so I can't even ask for help. This has been non-stop for 2 years, and I have to ask myself how could this NOT cause me anxiety? I feel my anxiety is a pretty normal, considering. What needs to change is my response to it, so I'm going to keep Journaling and exercising since these things seem to help. I'm also grateful for this site, because anxiety can be a very lonely place. My husband tries to understand, but honestly I get on my own nerves so I try not to bother him with it. He is great with support.

The good news is that I'm learning to not obsess over small things. I've been counting my blessings, which far outnumber the bad stuff. I look forward to feeling more like myself and spending more time with family and hobbies.

I do hope everyone has a Merry Christmas with minimal stress, and a New Year full of possibilities!

4 Replies
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Are you taking propranalol 40mg quick release? Do you practice DBT skills? If not then please do asap it's a life saver literally!!!

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I'm not taking propranolol at all..not sure what that is. I'm doing really well Journaling and exercising at the moment. Thanks!

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Propranalol is an anti anxiety medication that slows the heart rate and I go from panic to yawning and yes exercise is used as distress tolerance skill but if you use mindfulness too your emotions need never go above a level 3 but yes DBT skills are life changing how could I read past your post without sharing 😊

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It sounds like you're well on your way to recovery, keep it up. I can identify regarding work (I have the same situation) and even with regards to my girlfriend - she's supportive but I can't tell her certain things because she freaks out (scared/worried) and actually makes my anxiety worse sometimes.

Good luck over the holidays - you've got this!

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