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mind racing just got home from work could it be because of my thoughts or not enough sleep so tired from work dont know but it wont stop

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feel like im my mind is trying to go out of control i just dont understnd why it feels so strong the mind feel so powerful and controling just these negative thoughts wont stop my head feel wired just dont feel like my self i use to have the negative mind stuff but it came back it did left but it cme back after watching some video on my phone now its like it wont leave it feels like it wants me to go crazy . would i be good again would it leave ?

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Try and sleep, catching up on sleep is important.

If I remember you are a Fed Ex Driver. Work has to be hard/busy/stressful. You are probably really over tired and your anxiety is taking advantage. One more week before the rush ends! Try to get thru it and rest when you can. You’ve got this!!!!

Racing thoughts and insomnia are both symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

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