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Health anxiety

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I've always been anxious about everything in my life, but just as I can manage it something goes wrong. I have different health issues which I've learned to live with (nothing life threatening). However, I've had ongoing symptoms which doctors won't take me seriously about. Believe it or not, the diagnosis doesn't scare me, but the fact that doctors won't persue my case. I've tried and tried to tell them my lymph nodes are swollen massively and have been for over a year, with more developing symptoms. Nobody listens. My blood work even comes up with signs of infection, but they simply leave it at that. I don't know what to do anymore because I can't afford a private doctor, but how do i persuade them I need more tests? I've asked and been reassured it's probably due to a cold - i think I'd know of i was ill! Plus, I'm sure a cold virus does not stay in your body for that long. At the age of 20 I didn't think I'd be dealing with this and thought the system was more advanced. Am I simply overreacting and should I really just leave it, or am I actually rightfully concerned?

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I think you definitely have the right to be concerned about your own health! I’m no medical expert, but I’ve heard that some people have success with asking doctors who opt not to run certain tests or follow up with results to document in their paperwork that they’ve made that choice. Like, “I understand that you don’t think this requires further investigation but as I disagree with you, I’d like you to write it in your report. Go ahead, I’ll wait.” It can theoretically pressure a doctor who’s just trying to write you off into doing their job properly. A doctor confident in their diagnosis won’t have a problem documenting it, but a lazier one won’t want said laziness to have a paper trail.

I don’t know if it would be helpful at all or not, but it’s an idea. Keep advocating for yourself! Your health is not something other people get to make you feel bad for caring about.

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Sorry for the late reply, but I really appreciate yours! I've been back and forth to the doctors for 2 years now about the same symptoms. I had to take myself to the hospital last night because of them and they cannot diagnose me. I was told they see the problem, but they have no idea what's causing it! I guess I wasn't overreacting after all. I guess it took going to the hospital to actually get somewhere as they have recommended further testing. It's hard to find a GP that takes you seriously these days, in my case anyway. Thanks again! :)

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