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Stressed Out about Health

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To start off, I’m an 18 year old male. 6 feet tall and 150lbs. I eat a somewhat healthy diet but I do enjoy soda, and I’m hoping that soda is the only issue with me right now. I take probiotics daily to help my gut as well, I’m not as active as I wish I was, but I don’t consider myself unhealthy at all. Last Friday, I woke up with a tad twinge of pain in my right lower back, around my kidney. At first I didn’t think anything of it, but then my health anxiety took over. I had a little freak out moment and went to my school’s nurse. She mentioned the word appendicitis to me (mostly to tell me that it wasn’t appendicitis) and it was over for me. I began to panic about what I had. This pain continued throughout the day and so did my stress, but I think I mentally brought the pain on myself. So I had a headache that came on later as well and I decided to go home. Ever since I’ve been home, I’ve been aging myself with worry. I’m drinking water, still eating pretty well, and I have no vomiting or anything. Only one issue; my temperature is hovering around 98.8-99.0. That doesn’t sound to bad, but appendicitis carries a low grade fever. My pain is completely gone, but every hour or so I feel a little twinge of discomfort. I’m losing my mind with worry. Do I have appendicitis coming on? Is my fever being created by stress? Am I just dehydrated or drink too much soda to hurt my kidney? Any comments would be very appreciated. Thank you!

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Keep drinking plenty of water and try to relax.. deep breathing, meditation, keep your mind distracted by watching a movie or something. If you have anxiety and the symptoms ease off as your anxiety does, then I would say that's a positive thing. However, I would still get checked out by a doctor to put your mind at ease if possible. Hope you feel better soon!

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