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I’ve been attending a local support group for depression and anxiety over the last month and half. What I have been totally gobsmacked by was the amount of people suffering the similar symptoms I’m suffering.

Some I’ve them I know, yet I never knew what they were going thru. Anxiety and depression is silent and invisible looking from the outside.

It’s really been a great help to be part of the group because you know you can have face to face conversations with people who understand what your going thru.

Very much like this forum.

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Hi Jenny, the great thing about support groups is finding out how "normal" you are. It's a good reality check to see how common anxiety and depression are and it affects people of all ages, sizes, etc.... It's easy for us when we're suffering to think and feel like we are alone in our struggle but we're not.

Hi Jenny. It is amazing how many deal with the same issues we do yet we don't even realize. It is great to have a place where we can support and offer encouragement by sharing our personal experiences to help others. Thank you for sharing.

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