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My arm went numbfrom sitting the same position ?

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I was sitting on my floor unmoving for like 10 or 15mins holding my phone my leg feel asleep it woke up and my left arm felt a bit strange not numb but a bit weird and not like my other hand to of my fingers lost a little feeling like tingly feeling but not quite gone completely I can lift my arm with no issues but it’s worrying me it’s 2:30am too late to ago anywhere now my parents are sleeping now

I can’t sleep Im awake. Idk what to do

Maybe I pinched a nerve? Arm was bent at an angle holding my phone

My leg recovered pretty quickly.

I’m trying to keep calm and It’s working good so far

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Probably you were sitting in a slightly awkward position, and your circulation was restricted. That meant the nerves had a restricted blood supply and weren't able to transmit sensations to your brain. When you started moving around, the blood could flow easily again, and things got back to normal.

I've had this lots of times and it's harmless.

It's frustrating isn't it? I could describe my symptoms to you, and you would know they are harmless. You describe your symptoms to me, and I can say the same thing. It's just that we can never quite believe it...

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