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cant tell if im having an attack or something else

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i was sitting down and playing my game while listening to music when suddenly i started 'nodding off' except i wasn't tired at all. i didn't feel sleepy and i haven't been up for a full 12 hours yet. i felt a strange feeling in my gut that's the same feeling you get when you sense danger and i immediately 'woke' myself up for lack of better words and tried to clear my head. i stood up to try and shake the feeling off but i keep having it on and off. it's not as strong as the first nod but it's like it's coming in waves. i was in a very very good mood and possibly TMI but my menstruation is even lighter today and i felt in better health overall. not fully healed but for the most part i seemed fine enough. i, of course, like the health anxiety having person i am thought i was going to die. i still feel strange and i'm talking to my buddy about it now but i'm not sure what to do. i do know that i hadn't eaten but so much today so i ate a bit but i wasn't very hungry to begin with.

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